2018 Checklist Part One: Productivity Tips

It’s almost mid-January… where does the time go!? Our main goal this month at Gordon Digital is to get on top of the new year. Laser focused goals and a few adjustments to the way you manage your workflow and workzone will get your business in shape to tackle a massive year.

It’s all about productivity and planning. Here are a few tips to get you on track.

Step One: Productivity

Get a CRM

Never used a CRM? Start now. CRM (Client Relationship Management) software is essential for staying on top of that growing list of tasks for every area or client in your business. It’s specifically designed to help businesses stay on task and on track; you can store contacts, correspondence, to-do lists, and essential notes all in one handy (accessible anywhere) system. We recommend checking out Salesforce or Capsule, but there are plenty of excellent systems out there.

Prioritise Tasks

Once you’ve got your handy CRM up and running, it’s time to prioritise tasks. Complete the worst ones first; leaving those daunting tasks sitting there at the top of your list is only going to weigh on your mind. Get them out of the way before completing the more creative tasks – you can use them as the reward! Having a clear list of ordered tasks will also put a stop to multitasking – the nemesis of productivity.

Learn to Delegate

This is a big one. Start letting go of the reigns and delegate tasks to your team. If you feel nervous about this one, set up a weekly catch up with team members to check in on progress and offer your thoughts.

Edit Your Workspace

It’s time to streamline. Minimalism is a trend for a reason; declutter your physical space and your mental space will follow. Get yourself down to the essentials and remember to declutter at the end of each workday so you don’t fall back into bad habits. Try injecting plants into your office; studies show humans feel more relaxed and less stressed when they’re around mother nature. If you’re challenged in the keeping-plants-alive department, try a succulent or a Zanzibar Gem (dubbed the can’t-kill-me plant).

Take Time Out

Remember to move around throughout the day. Set a reminder at the end of each hour to get up and stretch, or walk to get a glass of water. Try taking shorter, more regular breaks throughout the day too. Walk down to your local café to grab a coffee, or go for a quick walk around the block. You’ll get your blood pumping and your brain will stay concentrated for longer.

Listen to Concentration Playlists

This one may not work for everyone, but we find having a bit of background music helps to keep us on track. There are countless playlists available for streaming on YouTube or Spotify so it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Check back here next week for Step Two: Planning

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