2018 Checklist Part Two: 5 Ideas for Your 2018 Marketing Plan

Part two of our 2018 Checklist focuses on planning. When you’re hunting for your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan ideas, seriously consider these five elements:

1. Google AdWords Campaigns

Measurable, accountable, price conscious, immediate, precisely targeted, controlled, personalised, flexible… Google AdWords is a fast, highly trackable and cost-effective way to reach the audiences you want at the time you need them – or, more importantly, when they need you. It’s like jumping the queue at the theme park… if the line was filled with all your competitors. AdWords is the perfect way to get the word out there about your new business, generate brand loyalty, drive sales or harness new leads.

2. Quality SEO Work

If AdWords is the sprint, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) would be the marathon – and an extremely important marathon at that. It’s the tactic you need to be working on now to ensure you don’t always rely on paid advertising for leads, sales or growth. Quality SEO work will have your business showing high in searches, organically, but you need to put the work in now to improve your rank for later. It’s a slow burn process as your work is controlled by Google’s algorithm. SEO work takes time – if SEO companies tell you they can fix your SEO woes quickly, they are either lying or are likely to use black hat practices that will only damage your score long-term. And once your score is damaged, it’s very hard to improve it again.

3. High Quality Content

Storytelling is the future of content marketing. Having beautiful visuals is one thing but unless you create a story worthy of your viewers’ time, they’re just going to scroll on by. National Geographic – with one of the largest followings on Instagram at 84.5m – show us how important and influential it can be to emotional connect with an engaged audience. Not only do they post stunning imagery that causes the viewer to stop and look, but they also provide the story behind the photo, holding the viewers’ attention for longer and prompting them to engage. It’s no longer enough to simply post 4 times a day with perfectly lit and styled pics, unless you have a story, your follower count will stall.

4. Creating a Growth-Driven Website

Don’t just rely on your website to continue generating leads for years as it is, technology is constantly updating and so must you:

  • Keep tabs on tech updates, web and SEO standards, Google and Facebook algorithms, etc.
  • Update the look to keep your visitors interested (without going too overboard and confusing your branding).
  • Keep up-to-date the best plug-ins to improve user experience.
  • Contact us for a health check so we can complete a detailed web audit.
  • Research and implement relevant and reliable automation techniques, such as live chat/chat bots. Artificial Intelligence is coming forward in leaps and bounds, so start leaning into machine learning.

5. Remarketing – Social & Google

If you’re not harnessing the potential of remarketing, you need to add it at the top of your list of priorities for 2018. Whether it’s using Facebook, Instagram or Google AdWords, Remarketing reengages your potential customers who have left your website by using specific messaging that is relevant to them. Don’t lose out on sales and leads because your are only using cold traffic techniques.

Still have questions? Contact us for help on how to get started.

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