About Gordon Digital

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that does things a little differently? Well welcome my friends, you have landed in the right place. 

We are here to shake things up.

We want to talk about the things other agencies don't want you to know about. Our biggest goal is be as transparent as possible and explain what we do and why we are doing it each step of the way. We think it is important to nurture the relationships we have with our clients. That’s why we take the time to educate our clients on how our marketing fits in with their bigger picture.

We pride ourselves on being a small business that understands small business, so you can be assured that when we say your successes are our successes – we mean it.

Meet our team

Jessica Gordon | Gordon Digital

Jessica Gordon

Director & Web Developer

Jessica founded Gordon Digital back in 2015 after working in a large agency and seeing a need to really help small businesses succeed online. She grew up surrounded in a small family business and combined this understanding of the challenges a small business faces, with her knowledge of marketing online to achieve positive returns on marketing investments. 

Ngawai Mason | Gordon Digital

Ngawai Mason

Senior Google Ads Account Manager

Ngawai (pronounced Nah-Why) currently leads our Google Ads team here at Gordon Digital. She established her career in sales roles where she gained  an extensive understanding on customer journeys and pairs this strength with her passion for digital marketing, obsession with data and knack for nailing the journey to conversion to help small businesses scale using Google Ads. 

Toby Burke | Gordon Digital

Toby Burke

Senior SEO Account Manager

Toby has been in the digital marketing industry for over seven years now, working both in-house and agency side. Having worked across various industries and for global and local companies has given Toby keen insight into how search works from multiple angles. Given his years of experience, Toby has also managed to acquire knowledge of how other channels in the digital marketing world operate, allowing him to devise strategies with a holistic approach in mind.

Kristie Melling | Gordon Digital

Kristie Melling

Facebook Ads Account Manager

As a small business owner herself for over 14 years Kristie brings a unique perspective to the Gordon Digital team with a direct understanding of how to run and operate a small business. After discovering a passion for Facebook Ads she has built her digital marketing career scaling businesses both in the lead generation and eCommerce space through conversion focused paid Facebook strategies.  

Tyla Kanasa | Gordon Digital

Tyla Kanasa

SEO Account Manager

Tyla has spent most of her SEO career agency side and cut her teeth back in 2016 building quality back-links for her clients . With a Marketing and Creative Writing degree behind her she incorporates a strong content focus into her strategies. Currently leading our SEO team mentoring the next generation of SEO she is as algorithm-savvy as they come, and an ace at spotting opportunities to improve visibility and conversions for our clients 

Harry Smith | Gordon Digital

Harry Smith

Website Designer & Social Media Manager

As our website designer and social content creator, Harry is responsible for ensuring the customers experience on websites & social media is both positive and profitable. He combines a background in corporate wholesale with a degree in psychology to assist in building brands that appeal to the customer's personality and desires when they’re shopping online.

Zac Lynch | Gordon Digital

Zac Lynch

Digital Marketing Consultant

Our values

Our team and culture is underpinned by these four key values.


Communication  |  Respect  |  Education

‌We communicate the what & the why; demystifying the jargon. We dig a little deeper & listen to understand. We respect our team, our clients & our community


Determination  |  Ownership  |  Accountability

‌We go above & beyond in our service to our clients & each other. We own our part and we take responsibility for our outcomes & our development. 


Solutions Focused  |  Trusted Advisor  |  Analytical

‌We always have a plan b. We come with a solution to every problem. We lighten the load.


Integrity  | Honesty  |  Ethical  |  Transparent

‌We do the right thing. We proactively set realistic expectations. We are small but mighty, just like our clients.

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