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Matt Bassos

  • SEO Account Director
  • B.A of Mass Communications
  • 9+ Years Experience in SEO
  • 11 Years Experience in Digital Marketing

"Working in SEO is like being a digital detective, where every click and keyword tells a story, and the thrill lies in unravelling the mysteries of online visibility and success!"


Matt got his start in the marketing industry when SEO was still in its fledgling days. When he was fresh on the scene, Matt worked as a copywriter, but the promise of stats and numbers and ranking data drew him into the world of SEO.

His humble SEO beginnings started almost a decade ago when Matt took a job with a startup. He didn’t know much about SEO (and neither did anyone else at the time), so he learned by teaching himself and experimenting with different techniques. As his work started to show results, Matt went on to educate himself in the broader digital marketing space, and he refined his strategic, SEO and paid marketing skills.

Matt has held SEO roles in-house, with agencies and freelance. He loves the data and the nitty gritty, but Matt’s specialty is connecting SEO to real-world returns, so you’ll find him digging in to get to the bottom of a client’s goals.

A typical day for Matt.

Matt heads up our Experience Marketing team as the SEO Account Director. He’s in charge of our diligent SEOs, and he sets the pace when it comes to strategies, professional development and achieving client goals.

Most days you can find Matt buried in a mountain of data. If he’s not scanning SEMrush rankings, you can probably catch him conducting SEO training, reading up on the latest Google updates, or attending a networking event to see what kind of nibbles are on offer.

Matt outside of Gordon Digital.

Matt has a big personality (and we do mean that in a nice way). He’s loud and passionate, and you can always trust him to be the life of the party.

Away from the spotlight you’ll probably catch Matt reading – he’s a huge fantasy nerd, and he happens to be writing his own series, although he won’t let us read it. If he’s not writing then he’s probably playing video games, hanging out with friends or lacing up to go running while blasting his eardrums with dubstep!

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