Team profile

Stephanie Meehan

  • Senior Growth Manager
  • B.A. in Business and Marketing 
  • 15+ Years Experience in Business Development


Stephanie is a passionate marketing strategist with over 15 years’ experience in digital marketing and business development. Her extensive background gives Steph a keen insight into what it takes to build a brand.

Throughout her career, Steph has held a broad range of in-house and agency-based marketing roles. She has a history of proven success in industries like ecommerce, health, law, automotive and finance, but her specialty lies in the building and property sector. Having completed her REIQ course, Steph loves all things property, and she’s always keen to take on new clients in the industry.

Everything Stephanie does is powered by her need to understand what makes clients tick. Whatever industry you’re in, you can trust Steph to get down to brass tacks and figure out exactly how she can help you hit your goals.

A typical day for Steph.

Everyday is a whirlwind for Steph. Most days begin before she even gets to the office – she’s typically on the phone or digging through emails as soon as her feet hit the ground.

When she makes it into the office, Steph gets stuck into liaising with the team, dealing with clients, putting together proposals and helping brands hit their goals. With that done, Steph hits the road to visit clients, explore new opportunities and get the job done.

Steph outside of Gordon Digital.

There’s a solid chance you can find Steph working out at the gym or lying on a beach to soak up some of Queensland’s gorgeous sunshine. She loves to hit the road and travel around Australia, and Steph has been known to enjoy a good wine and cheese board. As the eldest in a large family, Steph is a born leader, and she loves getting the family together to entertain at home while listening to Luke Combs and The Eagles.

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