February 10

Bulimba Cricket Club

The Problem.

Bulimba Cricket Club is a community sporting club on Brisbane’s southside. They’re dedicated to getting kids onto the field and into one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. The club is backed by Cricket Australia and relies on community sponsorships and the hard work of parents who volunteer their time as coaches and umpires. The club has always been popular with local kids, but a small budget means they’re limited when it comes to digital marketing.

Their old website was the main culprit. It was approved by Cricket Australia but was dated and hard to use. Some parents even reported they’d been deterred from the club because of how hard it was to navigate the website. The news wasn’t any better for the Blumiba Cricket team either. They found the site difficult to maintain and had to use Facebook to update training schedules or stay in touch with players.

The Solution.

In late 2021, Bulimba Cricket were the lucky winners of a community competition that gave them the chance to update their digital marketing. The team decided their website was way overdue for a facelift and that some of their winnings should be dedicated to building a new site with Goron Digital. Bulimba Cricket sat down with our Projects team and laid out their vision for the overhaul. Their biggest concern for the new site was user experience. Bulimba Cricket wanted to focus on making the site easier to understand, simpler to navigate and on improving the sign up process. Over the next few weeks our team got to work on designing and building a website that could help the club boost its membership and deliver a better experience for players and parents.

The results.

Working with the Bulimba Cricket team, we were able to design and build a stunning new website to help support their future! The site we crafted delivers everything the club wanted to include. We devoted attention to making the information and layout as simple as possible to understand. It’s now much easier for site visitors to find specifics about teams, events, rules and sign up information. All throughout the website we’ve provided simple calls to action that catch the eye and give parents easy opportunities to click through and sign up to the league.

Since a lot of the club’s current activity has moved to Facebook, we’ve integrated the two platforms. Now, players and parents can check the website for updates on things like training schedules, match day photos and weather information. Altogether, we’re thrilled with the result and we’re proud to have our work supporting a fantastic community club!

No request was too small.

Shane Pritchard - Club President

Gordon Digital helped our cricket club build a new website from the ground up. No request was too small or edit too minor to carry out to see the final version live. Thank you guys from the Bulimba Cricket Club committee.