February 8

Dynamic Commercial Collections

Leads grew from 2 per month to 3-5 per day.

Site visitors increased by 130% in one year.

Google My Business map listing views grew by 25% in one year

The Problem.

Established in 2018, Dynamic Commercial Collections (“Dynamic”) is a debt collection agency based in Brisbane, Australia. Their experienced and professional team are dedicated to assisting people and business with all sorts of debt recovery activities. While Dynamic has always made a point of providing high quality and ethical services, they were struggling to get the business’ digital marketing off the ground. They reached out to Gordon Digital to help flip the script. Their existing website was the main culprit. Confusing content and no optimisation for search engines meant it hadn’t been able to gain much traction, let alone convert site visitors into paying customers.

The Solution.

Our SEO specialists took the lead with Dynamic. The team began their work with an audit and technical improvements to bring Dynamic’s website up to a high standard that Google would love. Teaming up with our in-house web developer, the website was reshaped to be SEO-friendly and more engaging for any customers who did stop by for a visit.

With those tweaks complete, the team got to work on improving the content and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) of the website. Our team worked closely with Dynamic, crafting all-new content for the services pages to make them easier to read, relevant to customer searches and more viable for SEO. At the same time, we also put together a Google My Business listing to help promote the fresh new website. The Google My Business listing was not only a great tool for passing along important info to customers, it bumped up the chances that Dynamic could be found during searches for similar and local businesses.

The results.

Before Gordon Digital came on board, Dynamic’s existing website was a ghost town, complete with metaphoric tumbleweeds and overgrown cacti. There were very few visitors passing through the website, and even fewer were being converted into loyal, paying customers. Within the first year of partnering with the Gordon Digital team, Dynamic’s website visitors had increased by 130%!

Tempting people to visit the website had an incredible knock-on effect that saw enquiries about their services increase from two per month to 3-5 every day. For those playing at home, that’s more than a 6000% increase in the number of people queuing up for help from the Dynamic team! The changes we made to their website and the Google My Business account we put together were huge drivers in helping put Dynamic Commercial Collections back on the map.

Explain the processes to me in a way that made sense

Debbie Salter - business owner

Jess and her team are great to work with. I have no idea about digital marketing and Jess was able to explain the processes to me in a way that made sense. They are knowledgeable in their industry and very prompt.