February 22

JLA Drafting

Increase in leads YOY

Decrease in Spend YOY

Decrease in cost per lead YOY

The Problem.

JLA Drafting (“JLA”) is a design and drafting service that helps customers across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. JLA mostly deals with residential drafting, designing new builds, renovations and extensions. Owned by Hamish Oudney, JLA has earned a stellar reputation that brings in a steady stream of referrals from happy customers. But an expanding family meant JLA wanted to step up their marketing efforts. After working with another marketing agency for a while, Hamish was unhappy with the amount of money he was spending without seeing an uptick in his business.

JLA Drafting Website

The Solution.

In mid 2018, JLA transferred their digital marketing to the team at Gordon Digital. Achieving results began with a simple conversation. Together with Hamish, the Gordon Digital team dug down to the core of the business to figure out who their customers are and what they were searching for on Google.

Rather than targeting broad keywords for drafting and design services, we pivoted JLA’s strategy to target more niche keywords and customers. We designed a range of ads aimed squarely at the sorts of customers JLA wanted more of. By narrowing down our audience and ad copy, we were able to connect with more customers without competing for broad, expensive keywords. We paired the campaign with a landing page optimised to convert potential customers, and JLA began to see immediate results!

The results.

We’re thrilled to say that with creative ads and smart targeting, we managed to give JLA a significant boost through Google Ads. We cut their ad spend dramatically and always made sure the client was involved with what we were doing and how it was being done. JLA were so thrilled with the results that they’re still running Google Ads with Gordon Digital 4 years later!

JLA Drafting Google Ads results

Working together for so long has given us a special insight into the business, and our ads have only gotten better. Nowadays we have the freedom to work with JLA month to month, updating their ads as the business’ needs and workload changes. Recently, the campaigns we ran between October and December of 2021 attracted 135 clicks that lead to 17 conversions. At an average cost of just $24.51 per conversion, JLA is seeing an amazing return on their investment! Best of all, the regular feedback from JLA says that they turn almost all of their conversions into paying customers. Without breaking the bank, we’ve been able to maintain high quality Google Ads campaigns that provide a steady stream of customers that helps JLA thrive.

They generate way too many leads!

Hamish Oudney - JLA Drafting

I joined Gordon Digital after leaving another Adwords Management Company. I love the one to one attention that I got from them. My Ads started performing way better, and now I have to scale my Ads back because they generate way too many leads!
Highly recommended bunch of pros!