February 4

Peak Potential

increase in Instagram reach

increase in Insta followers

increase in engagement

The Problem.

Peak Potential Nutrition (“Peak”) is a dietetics and sports nutrition consultancy based in Brisbane. Run by former competition swimmer Sam Armstrong, Peak is a business that’s all about harnessing Sam’s passion for nutrition and using it to educate the next generation of young athletes.

Peak has been on a steady growth trajectory, bringing nutrition info to the people who need it most. That growth hasn’t left Sam with much time to manage the business’ digital presence. While Sam could see that social media is a powerful set of tools, being busy with clients and her expanding team means she was posting without any real strategy, purpose or regularity, and it wasn’t getting the business anywhere.

The Solution.

With the health and nutrition industry being more popular than ever on platforms like Instagram, our Organic Socials team knew we could help Peak take advantage of the trend. To get there we built a strategy based on eye-catching and helpful content. The goal was to cut through the noise and provide real advice and valuable information to the sorts of customers who want to know more about Peak’s services. Doing this was the perfect way to showcase Peak’s expertise and give potential customers a taste of the professional advice the business offers. Paired with a regular posting and engagement schedule, we were able to build a fantastic organic social presence that can support Peak’s growth.

The results.

Our organic strategy led Peak’s Instagram account to grow heaps in just a few months. The schedule we set led to a 67.25% jump in followers, which pales in comparison to the 2,540% increase we saw in their total reach! The blend of helpful posts and meaningful engagement got us in front of 97.7k people within just 6 months’ of managing Peak’s account. We also saw similar stats over on Facebook, with a steep increase in reach leading to 20% more engagement with customers.

For us at
Gordon Digital, the most important part is the feedback we’ve had from Peak. They’ve reported a huge surge in messages and engagement from potential customers. Generating that sort of interest and a steady stream of leads is the best way we can support Peak as the business grows and explores new ways to bring their nutrition expertise to clients across Australia!

Open and transparent with their strategy

Clinton priddle - partner

Great to deal with. Open and transparent with their strategy and easy to communicate with. Thank you!