January 25

Why Ads: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Google Ads  

Did you know we’re a Google Partner Agency? Even though we spread the net wide, offering services for SEOContent Marketing and Web DesignGoogle Ads is our speciality. It’s our star pupil, or favourite child (don’t tell the others); which is why this year we’ve decided to hone in on Google Ads Management as our lead service.

We’ll still be offering our other three brilliant services as they each complement Ads advertising effectively, but when your friends in business are looking to advertise on Ads you can let them know we’re the experts.

Why AdWords? Here are our top 5 reasons…

Measurable & Accountable

You can see exactly how your ads are performing at any time, day or night. Unlike some offline marketing campaigns, you can clearly see how many people view your ads, click to visit your website or click to call you. You can even see the actual number of sales your website harnesses directly from your ads. With this style of advertising, you can drive so much more than clicks. You’ll attract many more customers by driving new and qualified website traffic that will increase phone calls, foot traffic and ultimately sales.

No Click, No Cost

Google Ads is an extremely cost-effective way of reaching ready to buy customers by targeting the right products and services to the right audience. You only pay to use Google Ads once someone clicks your ad to visit your website, call you or buy your product. The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model is excellent if you’re looking to only pay for quality leads.


You can advertise locally or globally, concentrate your efforts directly to the Brisbane market or take it to the US or Europe – you can target your ads wherever you want to whoever you want. You’ll also be in the right place at the time of your potential customer’s search, with additional refinements available for what days of the week you want ads to be shown and time of day.

Flexible & Controlled

With a range of customizable options for your adverts, you can be in the driver’s seat and push the exact message you want. With specific keyword match types, ad extensions, audience targeting, and remarketing you can design a campaign to suit your set of needs. Plus, with tools to omit certain search terms you don’t want to show for and websites you don’t want to appear on, you can take control of your brand message and the quality of your clicks.

Beat Competitors

While SEO will ensure you show high on searches for years to come, Ads is the perfect quick fix to get your message ahead of your competitors now. Depending on your daily budget, you can bid to be in the number one spot straight away. The optimisations we make in our management service means we get you the best value for money by watching page positioning, bids and Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and adjusting the campaign where needed. By always keeping one eye on the data, we can then adjust ad copy and keywords, optimise testing techniques, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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