November 11

How Important is Google My Business?

Have you claimed your Google My Business listing? Did you know having a comprehensive, regularly-updated listing can improve your SEO score? Not only that, but your Google My Business listing can also help create authority and trust with your customers, so it’s important you’re in control of the content.

Google My Business is a FREE listing on Google for your company. Google My Business shouldn’t replace your website, but it should be used in addition to your site to help improve the likelihood of your company showing up in searches, maps, and more. It features all the necessary information about your business, making it even easier for new customers to find you.

Here are just a few helpful suggestions to create a standout listing…

1. Claim your listing.

Most businesses don’t do this. If you don’t know how, check out this support page.

2. Make sure your details are current

And include the most useful information about your business. Ask what is going to make it even easier for your customers to find you, connect with you and purchase from you. E.g. check your opening hours, phone number, address details and website are up-to-date, see that you have featured high-res images, add useful information for visitors like parking or public transport details, etc.

3. Choose a relevant category for your business and be specific

So rather than choosing a generic term like “Store”, instead try “Handmade Jewellery Store” – you have a much better chance of ranking high for the specific category.

4. Encourage Google reviews from your clients or customers

To demonstrate your quality of work to new enquiries, or encourage visitors to upload images related to your business to help grow your gallery.

5. Finally, post regular updates

Post regular updates on your listing to show Google you’re active. For example, your weekly blog post or other company announcements and achievements. This will also increase real estate on the page and make it more likely for searchers to click on something related to your listing. It’s important to post at least once a week, which is why posting a weekly blog is ideal.

If you need help, get in touch with the Gordon Digital team.

Has someone else verified your listing? Check out this support page.

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