October 19

How to market your small business in 2021.

We might be biased, but digital marketing is the strongest way to build a bold and booming business in 2021. Combine a global pandemic with the rise of TikTok and a demand for authentic content, and you’ve got a quickly changing marketing landscape in your blender. If you want your small business to break through the noise, pay attention to our top five expert strategies for marketing your company in 2021. 

  1. Create connections with video content 

Short bursts of videos are forms of micro-entertainment; they’re fun, trendy and can easily be repurposed to share on your own platforms. It’s no wonder that viral video platform TikTok is the fastest growing social media network in the world, with over 2.5 million Austrailans using the app in 2021. But if you’re not a video pro, don’t freak out. Thanks to social media, audiences are used to watching videos made with amateur gadgets and skills, so you no longer need to invest in expert equipment or hire a professional videographer. All you need is a smartphone with a high-quality camera, and a friendly face! 

It’s never been easier to film, edit, upload and share exciting video content with your audience, whether it’s an Instagram reel or a Facebook live stream. Our top tip for easing into video? Set up a Q&A live stream on your social media platforms. Reach out to your followers and ask if they have any questions for your brand, before encouraging them to tune into your live stream to hear your answers. A Q&A is a great way to become comfortable in front of the camera while having a genuine conversation with your audience.   

  1. Use free promotional tools

Yes, free promotional tools exist – small business owners rejoice! When you’re done with that, grab a pen, some paper, and prepare to take notes. Our favourite free marketing tool is Google Analytics. This online platform tracks how your customers use your website, showing you everything from their session duration to the bounce rate. 

Another gadget we can vouch for is Screaming Frog. Download this SEO site audit tool to your desktop, and it can crawl up to 50 URLs on your website for free. It also reveals what your page meta looks like and if you have broken links on your website. Our third and most practical recommendation is Google My Business, which allows you to manage your online presence across Google. List your business for free on Google maps, and build trust and credibility through Google Reviews.

  1. Make the most of social media  

The most important tool in your marketing kit? Social media. No matter the size of your business, social media is a cost-effective way to build brand loyalty, promote your services and interact with your audience. 54% of social browsers use social media to discover new brands, read reviews and research recommendations. To make the most of your social media, create a balance between organic posts and paid ads. 

Organic content are your regular, unpaid posts that build loyal followers and start conversations with your customers. Paid ads, on the other (more pricey) hand, are savvy sponsored posts that blend into a user’s feed to precisely target your demographic. If you’re unsure where to start, get in touch with our Paid Ads Specialists, who can create and post attention-grabbing ads for your biz backed by analytics. Need some inspiration? If we can be so bold as to toot our own horn, take a peek at our Instagram page (@gordon.digital) for some great examples of organic reels, IGTV content and engaging posts. 

  1. Focus on new and past clients

So, you’ve built a strong base of loyal customers? Go ahead, pop the champagne! But don’t get so hung up on growing your client base that you forget about nurturing your current customers. As your existing clients have already purchased from you or hired your services, they’ve developed a relationship with your business and are likely to return. They’re also who you rely on for referrals and positive reviews, which is the best kind of honest, authentic lead you can hope to get! Divvy your marketing budget up between acquiring new leads and reaching out to your past customers. 

  1. Start a blog to generate website traffic

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ll appreciate how a great blog can hold a reader’s attention in a saturated digital space. Adding a blog page to your website is a fast track to driving customers to your business and increasing your SEO. The more blogs you have, the more content search engines have to crawl and index. Makes sense, right? Once you start writing, you can also add a ‘call-to-action’ at the bottom of your posts, leading readers to purchase your products or enlist your services. 

The other benefit of launching a blog is that you get to carve out an online space to share stories with your community. There are no rules! You can create educational content, introduce your team members and write conversational articles. Before you launch a blog, keep in mind that it can be a time-consuming process as you need to post frequently, brainstorm interesting topics and write clearly and concisely with SEO keywords in mind.  

From social media management to website rebuilds and blog writing, we can take the marketing workload off your shoulders and free up your time to focus on the other parts of your business. Get in touch with our team at Gordon Digital for a free 30-minute digital strategy session. 

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