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Increase Conversions: 5 Elements of Converting Landing Pages

Dimitri Filippakis | Gordon Digital

Are you driving relevant traffic from your Google Ads campaigns to your website but not converting it? Here’s how to change Increase Conversions. You may have created your Google Ads campaign yourself or have gotten some help from an expert, but you are sure that the only traffic being generated is people searching for your product or service offering. So why are people not making an enquiry or picking up the phone to call you? The answer, your landing page has not been optimised to include these 5 elements: 

1. Phone Number Placed in The Top Right Corner

When these potential customers you have attracted with your campaign have landed on your website you need to make it easy for them to contact you. Think of it this way, if you walked into a brick and mortar store but could not find the shop assistant what would you do? If this was me, I would just walk out. Placing your main contact number in the top right corner (in the header) makes it easy for your customers to locate how to contact you. 

2. Relevant Content & Headline to Your Keywords

Let’s say you searched on Google as a customer looking to buy soy candles. You clicked on an ad that said the website sells candles but when you land on the website it shows you an assortment of other homewares. The average user presented here would leave at this point, potentially for the next ad on Google. If they had stayed and scrolled down the page they would find the soy candles they were after. Therefore, it is important that the content on your landing page is directly relevant to your keywords. 

3. Point of Difference

When buying goods online one most important things you need to do is build trust. Showcase your points of difference, your unique selling points, why people should buy your product or service is a part of the process of building trust with your customers. This leads me to number 4.

4. Testimonials

Who better to tell your customers why they should buy from you, than your previous customers. Some examples of great testimonials could be:

  • Case studies
  • Customer experiences
  • Customer photos & quotes
  • Video reviews

5. Call To ACTION

This would be the most important element to include on your landing page. This is where you tell your customers what you want them to do. Do you want them to call you – show them your phone number, do you want them to buy something – provide a ‘shop now’ button, want them to complete a signup form – provide them with the form to fill out. Do you want to increase conversions from your online marketing efforts with Gordon Digital? Let’s chat about adding a landing page that turns traffic into customers and stop wasting money today. We have experience in creating landing pages for both Google Ads and Organic Search Engine Results with the help of our SEO Brisbane team.

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