January 19

The web design trends you need to know for 2022

Your website is the virtual welcoming mat at the front door of your company, so it’s a pretty important place to make a great first impression. But how can you create a killer online space that’s going to invite customers to kick off their shoes, step inside and invest in your product or services? There are so many exciting design features making waves in 2021 that can enhance your customers’ journey throughout your website. And when people are enjoying time spent with your small business online, they’re more likely to invest in your products or services IRL. Here, we picked the brains of our website developer Dimitri to discover the top three web design trends that pack a punch in 2021.

  1. 3D Visuals
    3D visuals are coming to life on websites around the globe, bringing a touch of reality to our online spaces. Resembling digital embossing, these visuals are realistic graphics that create a tactile experience for your customer. They make you forget you’re staring at a screen, if only for a moment. 

Keep in mind, these 3D elements aren’t ‘in-your-face’ like a door-to-door sales rep. Instead, they’re flat shapes that are subtly shaded to lend them depth and perspective. Try out this trending design feature on your website’s buttons, search bars and text boxes to improve your customers’ interaction with your website. They’ll feel a sense of connection with your site and – therefore – your business!

  1. Calming Colours
    As a small business owner with a hundred tasks to juggle from invoicing to budgeting, you’re probably more attached to a screen than you realise. But the more time we spend online – pumping out emails, scrolling through social media and battling Zoom fatigue – the more we crave natural, muted colour palettes that are easy on our eyes. This desire for warm, earthy hues that reflect nature has slipped into the world of web design, as calming colour palettes are reigning supreme in our online spaces. 

Designers are selecting pastel shades, muted greens, earthy browns and sky blue hues to counteract the overwhelming brightness ever present in our digital lives. If your website is created with soothing shades in mind, your audience will be encouraged to linger longer. And the more time they spend on your page, the more likely they are to become a paying customer! In our eyes, that’s a win-win for everyone.    

  1. Abstract Design 

Move over, lifeless layouts and standard stock imagery. In 2021, web designers are taking liberties with abstract shapes to develop unexpected and exciting pages. Think: Geometric backgrounds, digital art, repetitive patterns and close-up imagery of tactile surfaces. These abstract art arrangements stray from traditional design restrictions, embodying a sense of freedom in the digital space.

Splashing abstract shapes on your site is the fast track to bringing your brand to life on a screen. Whether you go for a subtle style or bold design, this trend makes your small business stand out against your competitors, lending your services or products an aspect of individuality.   

If you want your website to carve out a unique space online, engage your customers and above all, cut through the digital noise, pick up the phone or shoot us an email today. Our talented website developer has an eye for design that will keep your business ahead of the curve, in 2021 and beyond. 

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