Career Spotlight: How to Become an SEO Strategist – a Day in the Life of Tyla

SEO is an industry that is not just growing, it's thriving. Don't just take it from us - research has found that 53% of all trackable website traffic is from organic search. The SEO industry always evolving with every algorithm update, technology trend and new search behaviour.

So, how do you enter this field that's going from strength to strength?  There are many alternative paths to becoming an SEO strategist, but below are some of the crucial skills a succesful SEO strategist needs. Then, we interview our in-house SEO specialist Tyla on her career path and what a day in her life looks like.

The key skills an SEO specialist needs:

  • A basic understanding of HTML
  • Copywriting
  • Strategic and analytical thinking
  • Adaptability and willingness to learn
  • Ability to read and track data and analytics
  • Communicating complex ideas in a simple way
  • Research skills - competitors, keywords and more!

Sound good? Keep on reading to hear how our SEO specialist Tyla got started in SEO.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you and what is your role at Gordon Digital?

My name is Tyla and I'm the Senior SEO Strategist at Gordon Digital.

What did you study at university?

I studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Creative Writing & Literature.

How did you end up an SEO strategist?

I had never actually heard of SEO before I interviewed for my first role as a part-time link builder. Shortly after graduating from Uni I started working full-time as a link builder, eventually moving into the SEO Team. After this role, I started freelancing as an SEO Consultant and Content Writer while I was on maternity leave and then just as I was ready to re-join a team after having my baby, Gordon Digital was looking to hire an SEO Strategist so the timing was perfect.

Can you walk us through what a day in your life as an SEO strategist looks like?

5:00am – To get in some cheeky me time before my day starts, I wake up before my daughter because she is #obsessedwithme. I used this me time to pack our lunches, put on a load of laundry, feed the dog, cook our dinner for the night and get myself ready for the day.

7.30am – Elizabeth wakes up, so I get her some breakfast that she insists she wants but eats little of. Then I get her ready for day care, cursing my tendency to ask if she wants to get ready rather than saying ‘Time to get ready!’ because the answer is always ‘No, Mummy!’ then I feel bad for the rest of the day because Mum Guilt is real.

8.15am – After a (hopefully) smooth drop off to day care I head to work. I am old school and listen to the radio. I wish I could listen to podcasts, but I find that I get to work and have taken absolutely nothing in so mindless radio it is for me.

8:35am – I get to work with time to spare so I look at my emails and check ClickUp to see what I have due that day. Also, despite our workflow manager, my old school tendencies flare and I make a list of everything I want to get done that day.

9:00am – Work has officially begun! Today I have 3 clients that were due for a Quarterly Strategy, so I smashed these out in time to present them to the SEO Team at our weekly meeting this afternoon.

10:30am – After the strategy planning and an email to a client, I went next door to grab a coffee and an Anzac biscuit because despite being up so early, I didn’t actually eat anything today. So much for me time!

11:00am – A client is making changes to his pricing structure which means that we then have to look at the keywords we’re targeting in his SEO Campaign to ensure they still align, remove copy that is no longer accurate and potentially look at some CRO changes on his website. I then developed a new strategy plan based on these changes.

12pm – I have lunch and because I haven’t already had enough screen time or mentioned my daughter as much as I can today, I scroll my phone and regale the team with stories of Elizabeth.

12:30pm – I prep for our team meeting this afternoon and a meeting I have with Rhianna, our Web Developer, about another client’s website CRO.

1pm – Team meeting

2pm – CRO meeting

2:30pm – I finished up the new strategy for our client and email them with the proposed changes for feedback.

3pm – I ordered some content for a few clients who need it as part of their strategy.

4pm – I sent out a few more client emails and made sure that nothing else had popped up during my day as I'm still working that part-time mum life and will be away tomorrow.

5pm – Now for my favourite part of the day, time to get Elizabeth from day care! I am met with either pure excitement or indifference so it’s always a fun game to find out which.

What are some of the essential skills that make a great SEO strategist?

SEO is something that is constantly changing so being willing to seek out the latest information and learning as much as you can is a vital part of the role.

How does one become an SEO strategist? What are your tips for people aspiring to enter the industry?

I would look for entry-level positions in a digital marketing agency first. An agency will give you a more rounded experience of the types of SEO strategies that work well in different industries.

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