Case Study – Lalabazaar

  •  174.4% Increase in online sales from AdWords
  • 63.68 decrease in AdWords cost per online sale

Lalabazaar is an online clothing boutique that sells Australian label clothing both domestically and internationally. In July 2016 Gordon Digital we approached to take over their Google AdWords campaign after their previous agency left them spending more in AdWords spend than they would make each sale. Our team performed a full account restructure, which lead to a significant increase in online sales and reduction in the amount spent on Adwords to obtain a sale.

Case Study – Gulliva

  • 250% increase in revenue with EDM campaign
  • 50% increase repeat customers
  • Gulliva is specialist Australian menswear XL brand. Their customer base is located 50% in Australia and 50% in the USA. In November 2016 Gordon Digital began managing the Gulliva Google AdWords account. Our team performed a full account restructure which led to greater returns on their investment. In April 2017 Gordon Digital was asked to also assist in the management of the Gulliva EDM campaigns. We implemented a strategy to reinforce the Gulliva brand and promote seasonal trends and products. Our strategic combination of attracting qualified traffic and building customer loyalty increased revenue for the Gulliva online store by 250%.

Case Study – Osborne & Co

  • 1290% increase in online sales from Facebook
  • 68.95% increase in email subscribers

Osborne & Co are an online store that sells quality and unique homewares and children’s wear. They launched their retail store in November of 2016 and engaged Gordon Digital to assist in the launch of their online store in March 2017. our team implemented an online strategy of generating qualified traffic via Facebook and reinforcing the store’s unique selling points via email marketing and Facebook dynamic remarketing.

Case Study – QLD Appliances

  • 16.25% click through rate
  • $37.50 Google Adwords spend per online sale
  • Queensland Appliances are a warehouse outlet selling factory seconds and refurbished white goods in Brisbane. They have 40 years experience in selling and repairing white goods. Queensland Appliances engaged Gordon Digital to manage their Google AdWords when they identified a need to reach a larger audience and the online shopper. Gordon Digital executed a targeted strategy and achieve a high rate of quality traffic resulting in a profitable return on investment.

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