Christmas Online Shopping Trends: Tactics For The Final Christmas Marketing Push

Christmas is almost here, but it doesn’t mean your Christmas Marketing should stop. As far as Google is concerned, the week prior to Christmas is when shoppers really go nuts. It’s the week after most office break-ups; consumers realise how much shopping they still need to do, and they finally have the time to do it.

Google also reported they see 34% more searches on Christmas Day than Black Friday (that’s a hell of a lot of people bored at family Christmas lunches).

Here’s a few tactics we would recommend for the final Christmas marketing push…

1. Online Shipping Cut Offs Will Hit, So Have A Plan

Push your range online but prominently promote the availability of local pick-up (if it is something you offer). If you can’t provide a local pick-up spot, consider next day delivery (for approved locations) and have someone from your team run local delivers – as Australia Post is a little too busy to give a quick delivery this close to the big day.

2. Don’t Stop After Christmas Day

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve sees a spike as well, so don’t turn off the digital push in this week. Consumers are still looking for last minute gifts for random relatives (or trying to swap an unfortunate present). Make sure you continue your marketing with relevant copy to suit this post-Christmas trend.

3. Be Consistent & For Go The Long Run

Google reported it takes shoppers 13 Days to make a purchase decision. That’s 13 days you need your message in-front of potential buyers before they buy. This is where remarketing is essential (at anytime of year, really). You need to be attracting potentially customers back to your site with products that are relevant to them. Do you have your remarketing campaign running? No? Ask us how.