How To Design The Perfect Landing Page

It’s not enough to have a website any more. If you’re in business to make sales or generate leads, you need to design an effective Landing Page to do some of the work for you. This is particularly true if you’re running Google AdWords Campaigns.

Have you ever clicked on an advert for something you want, only to land on a website that either has nothing to do with what you thought or is so complicated you can’t be bothered to look around? It’s irritating, and most users will simply bounce.

Google reported nearly one third of smartphone users immediately switch to a different website if your site doesn’t clearly satisfy their needs. More specifically, they reported 64% of users switch because they can’t find what they need straight away or they must take too many steps to get what they want.

That means it’s imperative that you are directing people to landing pages with easy to understand content, all the essential information they need – laid out in an appealing but concise way – and an obvious and effective Call To Action.

So, what makes up a Landing Page that’s going to assist conversions?

To start with, here are our top five essential elements for landing page design:

1. One Specific Purpose

Choose one product, service or goal to achieve with this page and stick to it. There’s no use showing off every feather in your cap, it will only confuse potential customers. Keep it simple!

2. Compelling Header and Subheader

Engage people right from the get-go with a punchy header and subheader at the top of your landing page.

3. Interesting and Informative Copy

Keep your text short and sweet but include enough information to get them over the line. This is when you need to get creative with your copy. If you need help with a little flair, contact us about our copywriting services.

4. Attention Grabbing Imagery

You want to make sure your layout is visually appealing, complemented by high-quality imagery (professional standard) that has been optimised for web use yet maintains good resolution. You want your images to be relatable yet aspirational – create a story and emotionally connect with your customers.

5. A Call To Action They Can’t Ignore

Ensure your CTA stands out. Use contrasting but relevant colours, action orientated copy for the CTA button e.g. “Call Now”, and provide the CTA more than once throughout the page so they don’t have to scroll up or down to find it.


That’s a good jumping off point but there are many more elements to include if you want to make the most out of your pages, such as social proof, value propositions, pain-point triggers, testimonials and assurances, effective subscription methods, and more. Contact us if you want to delve deeper into building the perfect landing page.

Google have also implemented a “landing pages” page in AdWords to track performance. It allows you to examine which of your URLs are mobile-friendly, which drive the most sales, and which ones need fixing. If you want to learn more about this, head to the AdWords support page.