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The acronym EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It’s a regular, customised email that promotes your product or service directly to your subscribers. EDM Marketing is a targeted, shareable, measurable and cost-effective way of connecting with your community of online customers.

A successful EDM strategy will not only help convert sales, but it will also build brand loyalty and turn those one-off shoppers into repeat customers who will visit your online store to purchase time and time again. That’s because an EDM goes further than simply sending out an email, by using other forms of communication in tandem to ensure maximum impact. Additional tactics like dynamic remarketing or social media can support and reinforce your message, improving brand recognition.

Why you should be leveraging EDM

Ensuring your business is found on Google is step one. Step two is ensuring the customers you attract come back to your store. That’s why an effective, regular EDM is key in building a large and loyal consumer base. Here’s a few reasons why we at Gordon Digital think it’s an essential part of any business strategy: 

Measurable ROI – The best part about EDM marketing is the usable data. Once you’ve sent out an email or rather a “campaign”, you can see how many customers opened your email and the click-through rate to your website, plus you can see when your customers opened your mail and where (tracking all over the world), even what kind of device they viewed it on. You can then use this data to determine how you approach your next campaign and measure your return on investment. 

Personalised  EDMs can be customised to suit your audience and your brand. You can also go further to include the recipient’s name and even location specific information designed just for them. These personal touches, used correctly, can improve your brand recognition and reputation, strengthening loyalty with your database.

Effective Communication – EDM marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach large audiences; the larger the audience, the better your campaign results will be. That’s why it’s important to implement a database growth strategy in conjunction with your email campaign strategy.

Your EDM's taken care of.

Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you in the development of an effective strategy that is tailored to your industry, business and goals. We will develop and design a sequence of engaging and educational campaigns designed to grow and connect with your database, converting them into loyal customers. We will implement a range of tactics, such as split testing and optimisation, to ensure the most effective campaigns possible. The Gordon Digital team will review analytics continuously and adjust the campaigns as needed, then provide you with a monthly report including measurable data to see exactly how, where and why your dollars are being spent.

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