Shopify Website Design

In a world where information is so readily accessible and there are on average 63000 searches on Google every second of every day, having a website that can be found online and convert those browsers into customers is crucial. Does your website meet the mark?

Shopify Website Design

Kickstart your business journey with our Shopify web design services.

Transform your business into a booming online store

Online shopping is the best thing to come out of the internet - hands down. Browsing your fave brands from the comfort of your couch is even better than scrolling through an endless feed of reels. But with millions of online stores at your customer’s fingertips, how can you ensure your business grabs their attention? That’s where our Shopify web design service comes in. Shopify is a multifaceted platform that allows you to manage your products, create marketing campaigns, sell via social media and oh so much more! Whether you need an online shop that’s just as welcoming as your brick-and-mortar store, or are raring to launch an online eCommerce business, the talented team at Gordon Digital can create a beautiful Shopify site your customers will love. 

Stylish shopping experience

Much like the limitless number of outfits available to buy online, Shopify allows you to choose from a diverse range of styles and sales features to create a unique website that reflects your small business. With an abundance of elements available for our Brisbane-based developers to create striking designs, Shopify is a stylish eCommerce experience that will inspire your window-shopping visitors to click ‘add to cart’ and grab their wallets! 

Build and expand your eCommerce business

Shopify provides a single dashboard to manage your orders, shipping and payments, making sure it’s super easy to keep on top of the sales side of things while you focus on more important tasks - like watching reruns of Friends. Oh, and running your business! The eCommerce platform also gathers insights into analytics and develops sales reports, to help you create data-driven strategies that grow your brand. Plus, in-built security updates mean you can always assure your customers of a safe shopping experience. 

Promoting your brand online

Hosting your website on this pretty and practical eCommerce platform allows your brand to reach a wider audience. Shopify includes in-built marketing tools so we can easily create and execute amazing digital marketing campaigns for your equally amazing business. What’s more, this platform also works hand-in-hand with search engine optimisation (SEO), allowing you to include targeted keywords in your product descriptions, image captions and more. 

Shop on social media 

Shopify is also a great tool from a marketing perspective, because it has a close relationship with Facebook. In other words, they’re besties! The platform is great for building traffic, because if your online Shopify store is connected to Facebook and Instagram, your brand can be included in the ‘Discover’ feeds - reaching a wider audience - or you can tag your products so your customers can easily add to cart. 

What you can expect from Gordon Digital?

If you have an existing website that’s more like a ghost town, it might be time to consider a new look and feel. Our in-house team of website developers can build an exciting new digital space for your brand that entices customers to visit, stay and - the ultimate goal - pay! We take the time to get to know you and your business goals, before creating a bespoke site tailored to your needs and brand aesthetic. As a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency, we’re skilled in creating beautiful Shopify stores for small businesses. 

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