Facebook Is In Trouble! | It’s time to diversify your marketing efforts.

There has been a lot of news lately about the changes that are happening at Facebook. From the tracking Armageddon that is hurtling down upon advertisers with the release of iOS 14.4 (read more here https://smartmarketer.com/best-practices-for-campaign-structuring-in-2021/) from Apple to the removal of “news” from Facebook in Australia. We have seen “big blue” make, and face some big decisions lately. 

Having just turned 17 this month, Facebook has really become a utility in our lives. Like Google, it’s one of the most popular sites for people to “hang out” on but business is really starting to see just how sketchy relying on Facebook can be.

Seeing as Zucks can take away your page, your ability to run ads or even have a personal profile on Facebook at really any time *cough Donald Trump*. Let's talk about ways you need to be protecting your business and your traffic and building a house on a solid foundation not renting on the sand. 

Own Your People!

EMAIL. Yep. There. I said it. It’s not sexy, it’s not flashy, but DAMN if it isn’t something that we check, and use every single day. 

But “I get too many emails” I hear you lament! Well yes, we do get a lot of emails and there is a big difference between getting emails that feel are bulk sent and impersonalised to receiving highly targeted content in your inbox that talks to you as the customer. 

Small things like using your name in the email. Not JUST in the Dear John...part but also in the copy and where it would feel natural to be having a conversation with you. Emails that speak to your pain points of why you signed up in the first place. Plus, your email list...it’s an asset. The cleaner, more segmented, and actively engaged that list is, the more it’s worth. 

Email lists have dual functionality, it’s a way to meet customers and provide relevant content about your business and topics that support your customer needs eg - if you’re a fashion retailer you can help educate your clients on how to style their outfits. 

Internally facing for a business, the email list is a really great way to segment and divide your customers to be able to determine their value to your business. Tagging, or email segmenting in ways like repeat purchase, or high average order value (AoV). These are people that you can add to a prelaunch list, to inform them of when a product is about to launch. First-time customers - how are you nurturing them? Is your product complex and does it need some education post-purchase? This is a perfect time to let your customers see you about your product content.   

Generating leads from your paid traffic is a key strategy that we are working on with our clients. We are taking around 10-15% of the top-line marketing budget and using it to list build. In the current climate of social media, building trust and a real relationship with your customer is becoming vital to the longevity of your business. It’s about becoming a trusted authority on your business niche, this is when your customer will start to look to you to help make the buying decision with them.

Not sure the next steps in your social media campaign? Or looking to start one to boost sales or traffic? Give our team a call at Gordon Digital and we will be able to discuss what would work best for you.    




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