Marketing Tactics for the Slow Season: Part One

January and February feel like the slow ‘power on’ for the year. Everyone is gradually getting back into the swing of things and trying to pay off their newly obtained credit debt from Christmas and New Year celebrations. So, if you’re finding sales and leads are stalling, here’s a few tactics to try out over the slow season:

Find Google AdWords Penny Saving Bid Strategies

Rather than pausing your Google AdWords campaigns, which can damage your progress, instead try lowering your bids to aim for a lower page position. With four positions now appearing above the fold on desktop, you can bid for position 3 or 4 and still garner a decent amount of impressions. The clicks you do earn will come at a lower cost, meaning you’ll get more clicks for your buck.

Create and Share Quality Content

Lean into low-cost marketing avenues like your EDM, blog and social media channels. Content marketing is incredibly useful and cost-effective. Create a story and engage with your audience. If you don’t know where to start, try running some market research through your EDM to learn more about your audience and what they want from your brand. Just make sure you offer an incentive! Read more about audience research here.

Be Clever with Your Budget

If you’ve been spending money and it’s not working, now is the time to fix it. You need to invest money wisely; using a Google AdWords expert to setup and manage your campaign ensures you are targeting relevant traffic, reducing your wastage spend and improving your conversion rate. At Gordon Digital, we are certified by Google to manage AdWords campaigns and are required to perform regular exams to maintain this certification. We would love to answer any of your Google AdWords questions or concerns; Start using your hard-earned dollars where it counts.