Marketing Tactics for the Slow Season: Part Two

The slow season is the perfect time to start preparing for the rest of the year. Keep up the momentum you’ve been building in the Christmas period with these tactics:

Database Growth

While you’re not pushing specific products or offers, now is the ideal time to undertake some database growth tactics. Your EDM can be one of the most effect tools in your business; you have at your fingertips a list of customers who have either shown interest in your company or who have purchased from you in the past. Leverage off your existing subscriber list and your social audiences, to incentivise new subscriptions. Don’t know where to start? Ask us how.

Map Out Your 2018 Marketing Strategies

By the end of February, you should have your years’ worth of marketing tactics laid out and ready to go. Look over last year’s results, and the strategies you used, to identify areas for improvement. The aim of the game is to increase your ROI, so the more you can fine-tune the better. We shared several suggestions last month – Check out our 2018 marketing plan tips here.

Webinars and Meet Ups

If your audience is usually time-poor, the off-season is a great time to think about networking opportunities and education pieces. Webinars and Meet Ups can also be used to announce early bird offers to promote some early sales. Offers could include a substantial discount or free product add-on – whatever you think would appeal best to your audience.

Gather Customer Reviews

Google reviews are an essential element for building your brand identity and credibility. You’ve just come off peak season with countless Christmas purchases; it’s important to gather your customers’ reviews about these purchases while the information is still fresh. Try requesting reviews from your customers in exchange for a discount code or gift. Reviews will help improve your Google My Business Listing, which will also help with SEO.