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Gordon Digital is a Google Partner agency. You're probably asking yourself what does that mean for you and we have the answers! 

To become a Google Partner, digital agencies have to meet certain requirements set by Google to achieve this status. The partnership helps businesses identify agencies that have the skills, experience and commitment to run successful Google Ads Campaigns.

Google's requirements include:

  • Employees at a Partner agency must be Google Certified and maintain their certification each year.
  • A Partner agency must meet and exceed a minimum performance level across all client campaigns over a period of time of 1 year or longer.
  • The Partner agency must manage a minimum of $10 thousand dollars of ad budget each month.

The perks includes:

  • having a direct line to Google support. This means we’re notified of any changes to the platform on the horizon.
  • Invitations to Google Masterclasses throughout the year.
  • Exclusive training at Google HQ for specialised agencies like ours (we are attending the Google Shopping Bootcamp in May)
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