Google Analytics Workshop


The Google Analytics Workshop is designed to give you the tools and the knowledge to start measuring success. With attendance limited to 6 per session, you get more time to digest the content and action what you learn.

There will be morning tea and plenty of coffee to go around, just BYO laptop.

Held in our Morningside office from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.


Have you ever driven down a road at night with no headlights on? That would be pretty dangerous, right?!

Running any marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website without Google Analytics is just like driving with no headlights. If you’re investing any amount of time or money into marketing your business online, it’s crucial to measure the success of those efforts. This nifty free tool created by Google will achieve just that.

It’s pretty much a goldmine of information that’ll help you grow your business.

Here’s a brief recap of what Google Analytics can help you identify:

  • Who’s visiting your website
  • How those visitors are interacting with your website
  • Are they completing your desired actions on your website
  • Which channels is your traffic coming from (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Organic Results, LinkedIn and more)
  • Return on investment for each of these channels

When you first install Google Analytics, it can feel a little daunting if you aren’t equipped with the tools to navigate it. So, we want to invite you to step into our Gordon Digital studio for a workshop that goes over everything you need to know to make the most out of analytics. Seriously, we promise by the end of it you’ll geek out over Google Analytics just as much as we do!

Our workshops are extremely intimate, allowing you to get one-on-one time, actually setting up your goals in Google Analytics and to ask as many questions as you have.

What we’ll cover on the day:

  • Understand the importance of Google Analytics in your marketing strategy
  • Learn to navigate Google Analytics and discover the metrics that matter
  • Identify what you should be measuring as a success for your business
  • Analytics glossary
  • Setting up your Google Analytics goals
  • Q&A Session

Your workshop host:

Jessica Gordon, the founder and director of Gordon Digital, has a knack for explaining digital marketing in a way that just makes sense. She takes the time to break down this complex world into language that is relatable and understandable. With experience across CRO, Google Ads and SEO, she’s your go-to person for everything in the search engine marketing space.

Location: Gordon Digital Studio, 2b/643 Wynnum Road, Morningside 4170 QLD

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