Landing Page


Mobile responsive one-page landing page

WordPress platform custom designed

Built to convert traffic into leads

Google Analytics & Conversion tracking

Brisbane in-house graphic designer and copywriters

Are you running a Google Ads campaign but not seeing the results you were hoping for? Now there are many ways to improve the return on investment of Google Ads campaigns, but there’s one we see more often than others. It’s that the web page you are sending traffic to is not built to convert Google Ads traffic.

Think of the location you send your traffic to as a bucket of opportunities. With your website, you want users to navigate through it, with the end goal to either enquire with you or make a sale.

It’s important to consider that Google Ads traffic is arriving on your website with a mission. Users tend to be more impatient and want answers to their problems quickly, especially when looking for services. Your website, or your bucket of opportunities, has holes in it where you’ll lose traffic before they arrive on the page they came for.

With a conversion optimised landing page you plug all those holes and give a clear path to conversion for your Google Ads traffic… buy from me.

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