Self-Care for Business Sake: How to find positive work-life balance

With most of our friends in business taking their well-deserved Christmas break, we thought it’s the perfect time to talk about how self-care plays into your professional life. What is your work-life balance? When was the last time you gave yourself a break? Do you take scheduled holidays throughout the year? Do you give yourself at least 30mins away from your desk to eat lunch?

Taking reasonable time out from work isn’t going to hinder your performance, and shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. If anything, it’s going to make you feel refreshed and ready to be creative and focused. Here’s just a few ways to take better care of yourself in your work life that will benefit your business…

Stop multitasking

We’ve all been culprits of this at one time or another. Multitasking has become part of the everyday – watching Netflix, while also scrolling through our Instagram feed on our phone and replying to that last-minute email on the iPad… Multitasking can mean each task takes longer to complete and you also may not be providing your best work due to lack of sole concentration. It makes sense then that multitasking has been blamed for lowering IQ levels and linked to a decrease in emotional intelligence and brain density over time.

Find your productive work time

Break free of the 9 to 5 mould! The typical work day timeslot is an outdated concept. Truth is, we are all vastly different and get our creative sparks at different times. Find the time that works for you and schedule your work to happen then. Just don’t fall into the trap of working ‘round the clock – find your time and stick to it.

Be a more mindful leader

Are you being mindful of what your employees need? Often as business owners we can have a million ideas buzzing through our heads and want nothing more than to chew through the most pressing item with our team at the exact moment the inspiration strikes. But, in doing that, are you interrupting the workflow and either disrupting your employees’ performance or stressing them out? The key to more mindful management is slowing down, setting ground rules for communication (and sticking to them), and focusing on your key goals and timelines.

Forgive your failures

So your latest decision didn’t go as well as you hoped… it’s okay! Failure is just as important as success. Failures teach you what not to do next time and give you a stronger business mind. The problem with success is most people think it’s a straight road to the top. In reality, it’s a (very) bumpy street with (many) twists and turns along the way. Be kind to yourself and look for the lessons in every situation.

Get a handle on your stress levels

Don’t let stress take over your life, it’s not worth the negative affects on your health. Find a way to handle situations that leave you in a tizzy – go for a run, make a list of actionable tasks, schedule a meeting with a mentor, start meditating – find a healthy routine and enjoy the head space you’ll find from making the change.