SEO for small businesses.

If a Google AdWords campaign is the sprint, SEO would be the marathon. SEO provides your business with improved online visibility by helping your customers find your online store on Google.

 Your brick and mortar store may only open 9 to 5 but your online store has the potential to turn traffic into online sales 24/7. Optimising your website for search engines, like Google, is one of the most affordable online marketing strategies you can use. Google Adwords and other paid advertising can provide a quick ROI but it can come at a higher cost. Think of SEO as a long term investment with a higher return.

Coupling SEO with a solid paid online advertising campaign is a surefire way to get your business on track for steady, measurable growth. Gordon Digital’s SEO experts can offer strategic tactics to have you ranking on well on Google’s search for years, providing a long lasting result.

Our three SEO pillars. 

Our experts use a range of tactics to ensure your website is ranking high in searches, attracting quality customers and converting these visits into sales. Our SEO strategies are built around three pillars. 

Onsite Optimisation 

This is the process of analysing what is required to implement the essential elements Google is looking for to ensure you are ranking well and indexed in the best way possible. 

content marketing

We create regular and engaging content that is shareable and like-able. We also work on readability and quality keyword insertion, so your content is working to improve your SEO score, not harm it.

Link aquisition

We spend time generating high quality links through favourable websites in your industry. This point is essential to show Google that your website needs to be ranking high in a search.

Frequently asked questions.

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Here is a real SEO success example.

  • check
    54.35% increase in number of sales 
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    86.44% increase in revenue generated 

Lalabazaar is an online clothing boutique that sells Australian label clothing both domestically and internationally. In January 2018 Gordon Digital rebuilt the Lalabazaar website and begun optimising their website to improve its rankings on Google.

Our search engine optimisation team performed an audit on their current rankings, implemented a content marketing and link building strategy which led to an increase of 54.35% in online sales and 86.44% growth in revenue via their organic channel. 

SEO & Google Ads Case Study

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