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Your small business may only be open 9 to 5, but your website has the potential to turn traffic into new customers 24/7 with SEO. Managed by us locally in Brisbane, SEO helps your business grow with consistent online visibility and the optimisation of your website. We make it easy for your customers to find you, value you and choose you!

Optimise your website with SEO to attract your customers on a Google search. 

Are you sick of price-shoppers and timewasters? Are your paid ad costs going through the roof in the slow season, yet you’re still not getting enough jobs? Or are you simply ready to grow your business to the next stage? If you’re nodding your head right now, then SEO (search engine optimisation) is for you!

We know small businesses come to us because they have a real need for new customers and growth. That’s why our SEO strategy is always built around attracting more of your dream customers. You know, quality calls from people who want to book in a big job straight up!

Now, you might be wondering how we do this. Simply put, we partner with you to define where you want to take your business. Then, we map out a clear strategy to get you there.

We optimise your website for Google with our knowledge in all things digital and your knowledge in your business. We do this in a way that’ll not just get you to rank high on Google but brings in more quality customers!

Our SEO strategies take a bigger picture look at how you are positioned on Google.

The internet is full of paid advertising, which can make it tough to stand out. With smart SEO management, you’ll come out on top in the organic search results on page 1 of Google!

So, what makes SEO better than paid advertising? Well, organic (unpaid) rankings instantly give new customers the confidence you’re the best in your industry. In the eyes of potential customers, high rankings equal trust and expertise. This, in turn, results in more clicks to your website!

Some customers simply avoid paid ads. Organic clicks are more likely to come from customers who are doing serious research and are prepared to spend money on your big-ticket items.

SEO is an effective digital marketing strategy not enough small businesses are taking advantage of yet. So, why not get ahead of the curve and in front of your competitors by jumping aboard the SEO train now?

Google Organic Search Results
Analysing our SEO results using Google Analytics

Getting your business to rank on page 1 of Google is only half the battle. 

As a small business ourselves, we know budget is an important factor for small businesses. Many small business owners are hesitant to invest in an ongoing marketing cost like SEO, and we don’t blame them! There are many spammy SEO companies out there giving SEO a bad rap.

Here’s the deal – SEO done right is cost-effective marketing with long-lasting results. Compared to other forms of digital marketing, SEO has a higher return on investment.

Paid advertising only gets you results while your campaign is running, but SEO brings in free traffic around the clock. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Enter our three step Local SEO methodology

We customise our SEO strategies to help you reach your goals most efficiently. And you know what’s even better? With our affordable monthly management fees, the cost of SEO is always predictable.



Leads & Conversions

Why choose to partner with Gordon Digital 

The SEO team planning a new SEO Brisbane strategy for a client

We are pretty big on communication with our clients.

Far too often we hear from small business owners who have been burnt by dodgy digital marketers. You know, the type of people who take your money and never come back with anything to show for it. As a family-owned and operated business based in Brisbane, we sincerely care about the success of the small businesses we work with.

Our priority is to offer SEO management that is transparent, affordable and looks at the big picture for your business. We will always give straight-forward advice on what we think is best for you.

In the name of honesty and transparency, we tell you what we do and how we do it. We provide monthly SEO reports and frequent communication from your account manager to keep you up to date. Besides, you’re always welcome to pop into our Brisbane studio for a coffee if you have any questions or worries!

Honestly & transparency lie at the forefront of everything we do. 

We understand Google rankings alone don’t bring bread to the table. That’s why we don’t just focus on getting you rankings, we go further.

We want to ensure that when people click through to your website, they’re instantly convinced to do business with you. Briefly, we make your website better, faster and easier to use!

How do we do this, you ask? As part of our SEO management service, we look at the usability of your website and optimise it with customer behaviour in mind. With extensive experience in CRO (conversion rate optimisation) for small business, we specialise in making it easy for browsers to become paying customers.

Sitting at a table going through a local seo monthly report
Small Brisbane SEO Company Based in Morningside

Affordable monthly packages with no contracts designed for small business. 

You might have heard of the importance of keywords for SEO. Sure, your website needs to include the right words to rank for relevant searches. We research the correct search terms and include them in your content; however, we don’t stop there.

Amazing website content builds trust in your business. The content we write is engaging, convincing and shareable. We focus on aspects like readability, grammar and brand tone to set you apart from the competition. This is because we want to help keep people on your site longer and convince them to choose you.

All our content is written in-house by our content marketer right here in Brisbane.

Some kind words from our clients.

“The team at Gordon Digital have been so professional, so easy to communicate with and best of all totally transparent!  I have used previous SEO specialists with very mixed results and always ended up not understanding where my dollar spend was going.  With Gordon Digital, you know they have your businesses best interest at heart.  I have full confidence in the SEO services Jess and her team are providing StyleFast and I am getting the results that come from their hard work.  Jess goes above and beyond to ensure we understand the strategy and we are always on the same page.”

Lauren - StyleFast

"I would just like to send a big thank you to you both and the team for taking over our SEO and Adwords. Since changing over to Gordon Digital our enquiries and sales have increased beyond our expectations.  So much so, that we have had to hire more staff and just recently, move to a larger factory.  This has all happened in just 11 months!  I just can’t believe the difference it has made to our business, since changing managements.  You have all put your heart and soul into doing the best you can for us and it certainly shows in our business growth.  We are very excited to see where you take us next in 2020.  Thank you all so very much and it has been such a pleasure."

Karen - The Motorised Gate Company

See how we helped grow Kristine's electrical business by helping her get to the top of page 1 of Google. 

We know there’s a difference between “I’m just looking for a quote” & “when can you come out for a service” and its usually the time & money tradies waste on price shoppers & spammers, when they could be out on a job making money. We helped Kristine from Dawson Electric with some SEO strategy that transformed the type of customers she attracts from price shoppers to ready to book customers. 

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