The Ultimate Guide to Boosting your Facebook Reach: 5 To-do’s

Remember those good old days when your Facebook business page published a post and 80% of your page fans viewed your post. You were swimming in likes and comments from your raging fans. Sadly, gone are those days and they have been replaced with the harsh facts that what once was 80% has dwindled down to 2%.
What can we do to increase this number you ask? Let’s look at these ways to boosting your facebook reach by 5 hacks to get back in the news feeds of your page fans.

Boosting your Facebook Reach

1. Use original content
Content is everywhere! Blogs, videos, images, they are being shared and reshared on the internet everyday and Facebook is drowning in it. Because of this Facebook introduced into its algorithm preferential treatment to its own content over links to other sites and YouTube. So, instead of posting your videos from YouTube upload your videos into your Facebook video library and instead of sharing links from external sites try sharing posts from other Facebook pages.
2. Optimise your videos
Facebook averages over 1 billion video views every day and this number is growing. To make sure that your video is viewed and boosts your organic reach activate your auto play feature. You have 3 seconds to get people’s attention. That’s right! 3 seconds! Using auto play you can spark the attention of your audience. Another way to get people’s attention is notifications. Well that’s exactly
what your fans will get when you go LIVE. Going live also can create a connection and formulate trust with your customers with a behind the scenes look at what you are doing in your retail store or in service based business providing helpful tips on the go.
3. Time your post and your boost
Have a clear understanding of who your target market is and what their typical day is. Then use this insight to time your posts to the most likely time they will be active on Facebook. If your target market is mums shopping for kids clothing online, you would not post at 6:30pm smack bang in the middle of bath and bed time for the kids. If your target market is working professionals, they are not likely on Facebook during office hours. Once you have established the right time to post wait for your post to begin building traction with a few likes and then smash it out of the park with a boost to gain some traction.
4. Target effectively
We have all tried and testing looking at our target market and targeting Facebook ads to their demographics; age, gender, location etc. Let’s delve deeper and look at targeting to your customers based on their life events, purchase behaviour or previous interaction with your business. If your selling wedding rings you could target people who have recently gotten engaged. Your targeting isn’t limited to your paid Facebook ads. You can even target your organic posts to maximise your reach.
5. Use Interest Not Intent
How many pages have you visited to find that every post in their feed is ‘buy this’ or ‘shop now’. Facebook is a social platform and its algorithm will prefer interest, not intent. You should limit your promotions to 20% of your posts. The 80% should be saved for providing interest and benefit to your target market. Creating content that answers your most asked questions, provides tips or is just plain entertaining will help boost your organic reach. If you’re sick of only getting 2% of your fans seeing your content have a chat with us at Gordon Digital and we can help in boosting your facebook reach.