Why You Should Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the preferred digital analytics platform available on the web… for a few good reasons.

Knowing your audience and what they want is incredibly important, and Google Analytics is the best tool to use to gather this data. Here’s why…

1. It’s User Friendly

While it can churn out complex stats, the user interface is very easy to navigate. And even though the initial set up should be done by a specialist, the every day user can easily log on whenever they need to view essential analytics – like conversion data, visits and sources.

2. Get to know your visitors

Google Analytics can show you not only how many visits you receive but also where they are coming from, their behaviour and their preferences. This real-time data can help you optimise your campaigns to give your customers what they want. Here’s a handful of things you can keep tabs on:

  • What your users look like online: You can create a digital picture of your customers by viewing the user’s geographical location, which browser they used, what device they used to view your website, their language etc.
  • Their behaviours on your site: You can also look at the length of time customers spend on your website, the most popular pages, and what pages may be causing users to “bounce”.
  • Peak traffic times: You can also see what time of day is preferred within your audience to visit your website. This can help with scheduling blog posts, choosing times to start advertising sales, or launching a new campaign.
  • How they’re finding you: You can view where the user has come from before landing on you, e.g. through a search engine, social network, by clicking on your advert on another website etc.
  • Real-time visitors: The most “Big Brother” feature… you can see who is on your website right now. You can see how many active viewers are sitting on your pages – and which pages – and what they are doing on your website, any time you what to check… just a little creepy.

3. Reporting Features & Automatic Data

Google Analytics features customizable reports, including “DIY” templates using drag and drop tools. The Digital Analytics platform will also collect data from your website automatically as soon as you install a simple piece of code (here’s where you may need us to help). Once installed, you don’t have to do a thing, Google will gather all the data for you.

4. Friends with AdWords

If you’re running a PPC Campaign, Google Analytics can talk to Google AdWords so you can better understand what happens between the click and the conversion.

5. Help Forums

Naturally, as it’s part of Google’s software, there is a bevy of helpful How-To documentation online for the Analytics novice, including free video tutorials and a community of fellow marketers (also available for Google AdWords) who are willing to help.

6. It’s Free

Yep! Google won’t charge you a cent to use it… so you don’t really have a reason to go without.

Get started on Google Analytics today.

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