Google Ads Services - Brisbane-Based Digital Agency

Your customers are actively looking for your products and services online, and Google Ads can help them find you instead of your competitors.

Google Ads Services - Brisbane-Based Digital Agency

Your customers are actively looking for your products and services online, and Google Ads can help them find you instead of your competitors.

Grow your business with Google Ads

Are you struggling to grow your business? Has your phone stopped ringing? Information and services are now so easily accessible online that it’s extremely important to be showing up on search engines like Google. With Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), you can show up right in front of your customers when they need you the most.

It’s kind of like jumping the queue at a theme park. 

You’ll find yourself at the top of Google’s search page with all eyes on you. One of the best things about using Google Ads for your business is that it only costs you money when someone clicks on your ad. That means you only pay each time someone visits your website, giving you the opportunity to turn that visitor into a paying customer.

Google Ads allows you to be there to solve problems for your customers whenever they need you thanks to Google Ads’ scheduling tools. Using the tools inside the Google Ads platform, your Google Ads Manager can create campaigns that are designed around the precise demographics, situations and geographic locations your customers are in.

A local Google Ads agency trusted by businesses big and small.

Wow! What a PROactive, PROductive and knowledgeable marketing team! Ngawai has been an incredible help in assisting our business with improving our website/ google ads and increasing optimisation of online exposure. Nothing is ever a hassle or too hard for Ngawai. She is quick to reply to emails and clearly steps us through how to navigate what can be an overwhelming platform at times. Thank-you Ngawai and Gordon Digital!
Laura Kirkland
Laura Kirkland
00:12 10 Feb 21
Sky jellyfish Video has been dealing with Gordon Digital since Jessica was a one (wo)man band a few years ago and have used them off and on when required. Our business recently re-engaged Jess to manage our Google ads which have shot us right to to top or search results with good quality enquiries coming through. I highly recommend the team at Gordon Digital.
Sky Jellyfish
Sky Jellyfish
01:50 18 Sep 20
We engaged Gordon Digital to develop a new website for our counselling practice (Metanao Counselling and Relationship Education), and now engage them on an ongoing basis to manage our Google ads. The previous Wix website that we built was too slow and was preventing us from making the most of the online advertising we were paying for.The whole team was absolutely fantastic! Jess instantly understood what we were about and what we were trying to do. Rhianna was friendly, knowledgeable and responsive and the website she built us is perfect - it's exactly what we were after! She was patient with our requests for changes and really took the time to understand what we were after.We're now working with Ngawai on our Google Ads and the results in 5-ish weeks have been stunning. We're almost at capacity at our practice and are starting to look into a waitlist!! Ngawai is also super friendly and so helpful and responsive. She's happy to answer our questions and explain the complex (to us!) world of Google Ads!After a few years of trying to find the right fit for us, we're looking forward to continuing to the whole team at Gordon Digital and highly recommend that you do too!
Alexandra Geelan
Alexandra Geelan
01:25 23 Jul 20
An absolute pleasure to deal with in every respect. From building our beautiful new website to ongoing Adwords and SEO management they are the best. A young local team focused on service and delivery. Would highly recommend this company.
Doug Murdoch
Doug Murdoch
06:47 07 May 20
Nelli & Ngawai I would just like to send a big thank you to you both and the team for taking over our SEO and Adwords.Since changing over to Gordon Digital our enquiries and sales have increased beyond our expectations. So much so, that we have had to hire more staff and just recently, move to a larger factory. This has all happened in just 11 months! I just can’t believe the difference it has made to our business, since changing managements. You have all put your heart and soul into doing the best you can for us and it certainly shows in our business growth. We are very excited to see where you take us next in 2020.Thank you all so very much and it has been such a pleasure.
Steve Webb
Steve Webb
03:14 03 Dec 19
Love working with Gordon Digital. They have made the whole process so easy with our SEO and Adwords. They have great knowledge of AHPRA regulations for advertising in healthcare and are super responsive and helpful. Great work team!
Kathryn Al-Dhafeeri
Kathryn Al-Dhafeeri
07:07 11 Nov 19
I joined Gordon Digital after leaving another Adwords Management Company. I love the one to one attention that I got from them. My Ads started performing way better, and now I have to scale my Ads back because they generate way too many leads!Highly recommended bunch of pros!
Hamish Oudney
Hamish Oudney
07:08 09 Oct 19
We have been using Gordon Digital to do our adwords and SEO for 1 year and are very happy with the service and results. SEO and Adwords are a critical part of our business. We had tried many companies before finding Gordon Digital. and we wern't happy with the lack of visibility or the results. I would highly recommend Gordon Digital for your SEO and ADWORDS>
03:33 19 Jul 19

Attract more quality leads with Google Ads.

You might be asking yourself whether you really need Google Ads. Well, the answer to that question is that if your customers are looking for you online, then yes, you need to be using Google Ads!

Without a consistent flow of quality leads coming in, your business would be unable to grow. A Google Ads campaign managed by our Google Certified experts will target and attract new, high quality traffic to your website. At Gordon Digital, we use our expertise in customer intent to ensure your ads only show for people who are genuinely interested in your services and are likely to be in the right stage of the buying cycle to become valuable customers.

Success Google Ads Stories.

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See how our long term partnership with JLA Drafting has created a steady stream of customers on only $8 per day.

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SWAG Australia

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Google Ads strategy tailored to your business goals

Here at Gordon Digital, we really love to get to know your business inside and out. Before starting out, we discuss your needs and business goals with you. This lets our team tailor your ad strategy to help you reach your goals as soon and as affordably as possible.

Our aim is to simplify your digital marketing efforts, removing complexity and freeing up your time. However, we’re still passionate about transparency and having our clients involved in the process. In addition to giving you a weekly report with a simple breakdown of your campaign results, your account manager is there to answer questions and make changes to your campaign according to your needs.

Affordable Google Ads management for small business

Google search has become the norm for finding businesses and services. If you’re not visible on Google your customers won’t be able to find you. With the help of Google Ads managed by our experienced Google Certified team, your business will start to attract more paying customers without breaking the bank.

As a boutique digital marketing studio, we understand every dollar counts for our clients. Our team specialise in making the most out of your dollar, always working with your budget in mind. By using conversion tracking we can optimise your Google Ads campaigns to reduce the number of clicks that don’t turn into customers.

Google Ads managed locally from our Brisbane office.

what makes us different

Everything we do revolves around helping our clients achieve their business goals. A great week for us is one where you’ve hit your targets and the campaigns you’re running are paying off. It’s a sign we’re both doing something right, and that’s a feeling we’re addicted to.

Being there for our clients means we like to dig in and find out more about who you are and where you’re going. It’s all in the name of forming real partnerships that make the work we’re doing together even more effective.

A healthy portfolio of proven results. 

We can help your business reach its goals, and we’ve got a portfolio full of successful marketing campaigns and happy customers to show for it.

Tailor Made Digital Marketing Strategies

Your digital marketing strategy is as individual as your business. We tailor our services to suit exactly who you are and what you’re ready to achieve.

100% Local Team Based in Brisbane

We’re a team of real locals and we’re here to develop the digital marketing strategies that get your business where it needs to be.

Confused about Google Ads? Let us explain. 

When we talk about Google Ads we’re talking about the whole platform and not just the results you see on Google search. Google Ads is a system that’s actually made up of a few different networks that help you run more effective ads in the most appropriate spots.

  • Google Search

  • Google Shopping

  • Google Display

  • Remarketing

  • Voice Search

The Google Search network allows a business to show text ads to customers when they’re searching for specific keywords and phrases on Google. With Google Search Ads, you pay per click for your chosen keywords and bid in an online auction for a place in the search results. The amount you pay per click will be determined by a variety of things, such as the level of competition, how relevant your ads are to the customer and the performance of your website

Frequently asked questions.

Do Google Ads really work?

We help get your business ready for paid traffic before launching campaigns so that they work! We analyse your business online to develop a custom strategy that ensures you have ticked all the boxes for encouraging a website visitor to convert to a paying customer. Then we set up a highly targeted Google Ads campaign that will make sure you’re only paying for traffic with a high likelihood of becoming a customer.

How can I measure success?

In your initial strategy session at Gordon Digital, we’ll establish key objectives to measure success. Once we understand what is important to your business, we set specific targets related to reaching those goals. We provide all our clients with detailed and customised monthly reports that we discuss with you at a monthly meeting and also email a weekly snapshot report, so you can see the key metrics that inform on the progress of your campaigns.

How much should I invest in Google Ads?

As opposed to traditional forms of marketing, the great thing about using Google Ads as a form of paid advertising is that your budget can scale up with your business. If you are just starting out, you can start a campaign on as little as $5 a day.
We always recommend a daily budget suitable for your business, taking into account the number of search phrases you want to show ads for, how much competition there is and how aggressive you want your online presence to be.

How long should I run a Google Ads campaign for?

Your online marketing will grow and evolve as your business grows and evolves. Your campaign should run as long as your business is running.

Where will my Google Ads be placed?

The locations your ads will show depends on the goals of your campaign. A campaign targeting people searching for your product or service will be shown on a Google search for your chosen search phrases, as long as the person searching meets the targeting criteria.

How do Gordon Digital report on how my campaign is performing?

We manage your Google Ads campaigns like we’re working inside your business. Our account managers are available for questions any time you want to know about your leads, if you’re making a profit, want to adjust your budget or need any other help. As well as regular updates from your account manager, you will also receive a weekly report with a simple breakdown of your campaign metrics.

Can Gordon Digital set my campaign up and I just let it run?

Google Ads campaigns should be optimised continuously.

Unlike a lot of traditional forms of advertising, Google Ads provides real time data that shows you how many people have seen your ads and the number of people who have clicked on them. We connect Google Ads with conversion tracking and Google Analytics, so you can also find out the number of users that called you or submitted a web form after seeing your ad.

We love to partner with our customers long term, so we can make use of the data to attract more highly converting customers with your Google Ads. This partnership and the continuing optimisation are also the best way to make your dollar go further!

We can help. Let's chat today!

Forget about free quotes that don’t say anything about how your business can kick its goals. Our team prefers to take a deep dive so we can get to know your company and where it’s headed. When you get in touch we’ll review your digital presence and direct competitors and develop a strategy that will get you where you want to go.

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