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So, you’ve established a small business. You’re offering an amazing service or are proud of your product range... but aren’t seeing any real results. How can you grow your brand to the next stage? 

Local SEO

So, you’ve established a small business. You’re offering an amazing service or are proud of your product range... but aren’t seeing any real results. How can you grow your brand to the next stage? 

If you’re hearing crickets on your website, it’s about time you look into some expert SEO management. Whether you’re a retail store owner, a tradie on the tools or have launched a new product, optimising your website with SEO services Melbourne is going to drive traffic - and sales - to your doorstep.

At Gordon Digital, we have a skilled team of Brisbane SEO specialists who partner with you to create a strong online presence in your local Melbourne area. We take the time to understand the essence of your business so we can design a website that not only ranks high on Google, but also stays in line with your vision and values. 

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Be found in your local Melbourne area.

Does your business have a physical location, or serve a specific area in Melbourne? If you’re nodding your head yes, then take our word for it - improving local SEO on your website will help your enquiries, bookings and sales skyrocket. As Google’s search algorithm includes a proximity factor, when people search for a specific product or service, the results immediately bring up nearby businesses.

So, how do we use local SEO to increase online visibility to your local demographic? We create localised content for each of your target locations, along with optimising titles tags and meta descriptions. If this sounds like a lot of marketing jargon to you, the friendly team at Gordon Digital are always happy to break down the ins and outs of SEO for you - it’s what we’re passionate about, after all. 

Drive organic traffic with link building.

Combined with a range of SEO strategies, such as using targeted keywords, increasing user experience and writing quality content, link building can drive organic traffic from Melbourne to your website through search engines. Link building is essentially the art of inspiring another website to link to individual pages on your website.

Our SEO team zeroes in on tactics like directory link building, community outreach and broken link acquisition. Another form of link building is when a journalist or blogger refers to your business or products when writing an online article. When they do, it builds your authority on Google and increases your chances of ranking well. To acquire links, it all boils down to having shareable, high-quality content.

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SEO Melbourne

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Understanding your target market.

By getting to know your business, we also get to know your target demographic, from middle-aged parents undergoing a home renovation to health-conscious foodies searching for an accredited dietitian.

By understanding who makes up your target market, we can directly acknowledge your customers on your website and make them feel seen, heard and above all, welcome. This SEO strategy improves the user experience and can even help boost your rankings on Google, pushing your business to the first page of search results in Melbourne. 

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