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Rated 5 stars by 50+ real clients

Build your brand with consistent, high quality leads. 

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to grow your business ... fast.

With the right Brisbane Google Ads campaign, you can instantly attract clicks, calls, online purchases and high quality leads.
The trusted team at Gordon Digital offers Google Ads strategies that are backed by more than 20 years of combined experience. Our team knows what it takes to create effective strategies and generate leads that can help grow your business.
Chat to us to see how our Brisbane Google ads management delivers results that matter.

Brisbane Team of Trusted SEO Specialists

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Driving lower cost, high end architectural timber product enquiries for Modinex. 

Our multi faceted approach to Modinex's digital strategy saw us reduce their Google ad spend by 30% while improving their cost per conversion by over 30%. This led to an 85.16% increase in conversions.

Derek Attwood

Marketing Manager


increase in conversions


decrease in cost per conversion


increase in organic traffic

Trusted by over 100 forward-thinking companies

Google Partner's Certified Badge

We’re a Google Partnered Agency. 

Gordon Digital has been part of the Google Partners program for years. We work closely with Google to make sure our Ads campaigns are always performing at their best.

As Google Partners, we have access to the latest insights, tools and support. That means our experts have everything they need to design campaigns that attract the high quality leads you’re searching for!

Our proven approach to Google Ads success.

We’ve worked on thousands of successful Google Ads campaigns over the years. The secret lies in our 5-step process.

Goal Setting

Every campaign begins with a goal setting meeting.
Before we make any ads, we sit down with you to figure out exactly what you need from your campaign.
We want to know everything about your business, customers and what you’re trying to achieve. That information helps us design a killer ads campaign that drives leads, clicks, calls and any other results you need.


It’s time for us to turn your business goals into Google Ads campaigns!
We use market, competitor and keyword research to design Google Ads campaigns that perform. Our strategies are based on decades of experience, which helps us make the most of every dollar spent.
Once you’ve signed off on the strategy, we’ll get to work on the hard part.

Campaign Creation

Our Google Ads specialists can now start creating your ads.
All of our Google Ads are created by the in-house team at our Brisbane office. We create campaigns, write high-performing copy, design creative and build any landing pages you need.
We match our ads to your existing branding and website. That ensures all your marketing fits together and creates a seamless customer experience.

Optimisation & Testing

Google Ads isn’t a set-and-forget kind of tool.
Your campaigns need continuous optimisation. There’s good news though! Google collects heaps of powerful data every time someone clicks on an ad, so the longer we run the campaign, the more effective it becomes.
Along the way we’ll keep you updated on our progress to make sure your Ads are having a real impact on your bottom line.

Tracking & Reporting

We run Google Ads campaigns that are backed by real data, and we’re always ready to prove it.
Every month you’ll sit down with your Account Manager and go over your recent results. We’ll run you through the numbers and show you how your budget was spent, as well as the clicks, calls and leads you generated.
Your personalised reports make it easy to track how much you’re spending, and they help us identify opportunities that come up along the way.

Rated 5 stars by 50+ real clients

Our Brisbane Google Ads Services

Google Ads Optimisation

Every single one of our campaigns is continuously optimised and updated. If there’s room for improvement, our trusted team can get your ads performing perfectly. 

Conversion Landing Pages

We direct Google Ads campaigns to dedicated landing pages. Our landing pages are designed to turn clicks into conversions, so you’ll never miss an opportunity.


Don’t let your customers get away too soon! With remarketing campaigns we can reach out to people who’ve visited your website and tempt them to come back.

Sitting with a client to discuss business SEO

Top of page #1… Instantly!

Most people won’t scroll past the first few results on Google.
If you want to catch their attention, Google Ads can put you front and centre in moments that count.

But there’s no use in showing up for any old search terms. That’s why our experts design high-performing ads campaigns that turn clicks into real conversions. If you’d like to see what your Google Ads account can really do, book a consultation below!

Your Brisbane-based team of Google Ads experts

The team at Gordon Digital works from our office in the heart of Brisbane. We handle all Google Ads work in-house, and you’re welcome to drop by and meet the team at any time!

Tynan Reeves

Paid Media Account Director

Beth Machin

Paid Media Account Manager

Roxy Lorac

Performance Account Manager

Why Choose Gordon Digital?

Designing effective Google Ads strategies can be challenging, which is why it’s important to work with an agency that understands your business. We’re experts in every aspect of Google Ads. If you’re ready to grow your brand, we deliver real leads and ensure the phone is always ringing.

No Lock-in Contracts

Our Google Ads services come with no lock-in contracts. That means you have the flexibility to stay in control of your campaign.

Dedicated Ads Account Manager

Your Google Ads are run by a dedicated account manager. They’re experts in paid ads, and they’re always happy to talk strategy!

Own Your Google Ads Account

We manage your ads, but you retain full control of your Google Ads account, making it easy to track performance and history.

Genuine Partnership

Gordon Digital operates as an extension of your team. Your success is our success, and that’s why we strive for results that matter.

Excellent Communication

Every one of our strategies comes with monthly reports and regular calls and emails, so you’ll never be left out of the loop.

We Focus on ROI

We measure Google Ads campaigns by comparing performance to ROI, ensuring you benefit from every dollar spent.

Real testimonials from real people

Kristine Dawson

I have been Using Gordon Digital for my digital marketing now for 4 years. I consider them a partner in my business. They have helped my business grow significantly. I highly recommend Gordon digital for your marketing.

Stephen Maitland 

A big thank you to Jessica, Sarah and the rest of team at Gordon Digital. Since moving from our previous underperforming SEO company, we have found Gordon Digitals communications are strong, they are always open for a chat about our needs, and we are constantly being kept in the loop of what is getting done and what’s coming up next.
Great work.

Kyla Sukker

Our website is seeing increased traffic and overall we are gaining more customers from all over Brisbane. Our current SEO manager, Georgia, is professional, knowledgable and communication is always efficient. Jessica and her team are not only true professionals, but they genuinely care about their clients and their businesses.

Ryan Jackson

After an intro meeting with Gordon Digital and getting an understanding of their approach we engaged them initially for SEO. They have since built out a new website for us and have commenced the SEO services. We find them to provide a great deal of transparency and reporting so we have confidence that our money is well spent.

Lesley Condon

Gordon Digitals systematic approach and regular communications allows us to know exactly where things are at with our marketing strategies at any time. They are not scared to dive into new subject matter and are genuinely interested in getting to know your business, brand and what your goals are. Easy to work with and a great bunch of people! So glad we made the switch!

Steve Webb

Since changing over to Gordon Digital our enquiries and sales have increased beyond our expectations. So much so, that we have had to hire more staff and just recently, move to a larger factory. This has all happened in just 11 months!

Frequently asked questions, answered.

You've got questions and we've got answers! Google Ads can be a bit of a complex field, so we wanted to clear up some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients.

Do Google Ads really work?

Yes! Google Ads works consistently for all types of businesses, products and services. The secret is that Google Ads is infinitely customisable. That allows us to design ad campaigns that match your business goals and provide the types of results you’re looking for.

Is Google Ads good for generating leads?

Google Ads is the best digital marketing tool for generating clicks, calls, online purchases and sales leads. Google Ads is so good at generating leads that the average return on investment is about 8:1 (and that’s a conservative estimate!).

How much should I invest in Google Ads?

If you’re just starting out, you can launch a campaign on as little as $5 a day.
We always recommend a daily budget that’s suitable for your business, taking into account the number of search phrases you want to show ads for, competition and how aggressive you want your online presence to be.

How long should I run a Google Ads campaign for?

Google Ads campaigns can run indefinitely. An effective ads strategy will more than pay for itself. That means your ads should always be generating a profit for your business.

Where will my Google Ads be placed?

The locations your ads will show depends on the goals of your campaign. Some campaigns are designed to show up in Google’s search results, while others can show up all over the internet.

How does Gordon Digital report on campaign performance?

We provide monthly reports showing how your Google Ads campaigns are performing. In between, your dedicated account manager is always available via phone call or email if you want to talk strategy or make a change to your ads.

How do Google Ads Work?

If you want the best returns on your Google Ads campaign then you’ll need to do a bit of homework. Understanding how the system works is the best way to make an impact on your customers.

So let’s go back to basics. At the broadest level Google Ads is an auction system. Google runs a mini auction every single time ad space becomes available, like on Google’s search results page or an advertising partner’s website. The auction compares all the potential ads and selects the ones that are the most relevant to the person who’s viewing the page.

The Google Ads auction system is complex. There are dozens of things Google looks at when deciding where to place your ad, and your bid is only a small part of the equation. Remember that Google makes money by providing relevant results to its customers. Google doesn’t just serve the ad with the highest bid, it tries to show the most useful ads possible. That means you don’t need the biggest marketing budget to make Google Ads work for your business! With the right campaign settings, strong keyword research and a bit of practice, you can use Google Ads to consistently generate new leads.

Choosing keywords for your Google Ads campaign

Effective digital marketing campaigns begin with keyword research, and Google Ads is no different! Google only serves ads that are relevant to the person they’re being shown to. It does that in a few different ways, but keywords are one of the biggest factors.

When creating Google Ads you get to choose which keywords and phrases you want to bid for. This system is incredibly powerful. It allows you to show up for anything you want, from broad phrases to narrow searches in super niche fields.

Choosing keywords for a Google Ads campaign requires practice. You want to avoid paying for ads that won’t turn into leads, so you need to focus your ideas and select keywords that your customers actually use. We build keyword lists by putting ourselves in your customers’ shoes. We figure out what they’re looking for, how your business can help and how they use Google. That helps us select keywords that give you the best bang for your buck and turn potential customers into serious leads!

Google Ads ranking factors explained

Google’s instant auction system has gotten bigger and better over the years. As Google tries harder to serve ads that will actually help their customers, the system has gotten better at weeding out low quality ads. That’s good news for advertisers because it means it’s easier to create a great ad campaign without spending a fortune.

Of course, Google doesn’t have enough employees to manually review every ad that gets submitted. It does this using an automated system that assigns ad rankings based on 5 main factors:

1. Ad Quality

There’s nothing more important to Google than the quality of your ads. Google needs to provide the best info possible to its customers, or those people would start using a different search engine. The quality of your ad is summarised into a Quality Score. A higher Quality Score means an ad is more relevant and more likely to show up during a search for that particular keyword.

2. Ad Context

Context matters when it comes to Google Ads. Google doesn’t just want to show ads that are relevant to the searcher, it wants to show ads that are relevant right now. Google figures out the context of each search by looking at the keywords the searcher used, the time, their location, the device they’re using, the nature of their search terms and more. For example, if you search for “coffee shops” using your phone, you’ll get ads from nearby cafes. If you performed that same search from home you’d get entirely different results.

3. Expected Impact of the Ad

Google does its best to help you generate leads. It does this by looking at past data to figure out whether your ad will be effective or not. Ads that are expected to have a bigger impact are more likely to show up highly in the search results. One of the best ways to improve the expected impact of your ads is to include additional Ad Assets like your phone number, address or links to specific pages on your website.

4. Your Bid

Google Ads uses a flexible bidding system that lets you stay in control of your budget. It’s important to understand that the highest bid doesn’t always win an auction. Because Google prioritises the quality of ads, it’s possible to win an auction with lower bids than your competitors if your ad is highly relevant. You’ll often end up paying less than your maximum bid, and you’re free to change your bid or bidding method at any time.

5. Ad Rank Score

Your Ad Rank Score is a value that Google uses to figure out where your ad will appear on a page (if at all). Ad Rank is calculated based on all the factors we talked about above. You can think of your Ad Rank as a score that helps Google figure out whether your ad is relevant to the person who’s searching. The higher the Ad Rank, the more likely your ads are to show up in that prized #1 spot!

How Google Ads Quality Score is calculated

The Google Ads system uses a complicated algorithm to figure out whether your ads are high quality. Google issues a Quality Score of 1-10 for each of your ads to give you a sense of how your ad quality compares to your competitors’. A higher Quality Score means your ads are more relevant and useful than the ads you’re competing against.

Your Quality Score is calculated based on 3 main factors:
1. The expected clickthrough rate. Your expected CTR is the likelihood that someone will click on an ad when it’s shown.
2. Relevance. This is a measure of how closely your ad matches a searcher’s keywords and intent.
3. Landing page experience. Whether your ad clicks through to a landing page that’s relevant to the people who click on it.

Quality Score is provided on a keyword level. That means every ad receives a Quality Score for each keyword it’s targeting. You can then use your Quality Score to figure how your ads, landing pages or keyword selection can be improved.

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