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Your customers are searching for you online, and it’s your job to show up in the places they’re looking! Google Ads can get your Perth business front and centre, and the right agency can build campaigns that attract new traffic, drive conversions and build the revenue streams that will help your business grow.

Power the future of your business with Google Ads.

Diving into digital marketing might seem daunting. We’ve got lots of tools that businesses can use to power their success. Some are better than others, and they all need to be backed up by a solid marketing strategy if you want to see any return on the investment.

But, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just making a start, Google Ads is a killer platform that offers some of the industry’s most powerful tools! The secret to a standout Google Ads campaign is all in the strategy. Every campaign we build begins with a detailed conversation. We sit down with our clients to discover who they are, what they do and where they’re headed. From there, we get to work on the advanced keyword, audience and targeting research that underpins all our Google Ads campaigns. When we put it all together, that research gives us the tools we need to create campaigns that can help your business kick its goals!

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Use Google Ads to find customers in Perth.

People from all over the world are on Google, right now, searching for the products, information and brands they want to connect with. That’s great news if you’re a global seller, but how does that help businesses who are local to Perth? Don’t worry though, Google has you covered! We mean it when we say the platform has some of the industry’s most powerful tools. Tools like their in-depth targeting controls let advertisers find the exact people they want. That means you can set up campaigns that only show up in front of people who live in the parts of Perth that you want to target. Whether you’re a bakery that’s ready to deliver all over the city, or a tradie that only wants jobs from the local area, Google Ads campaigns can be built to match.

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Google Ads Perth

Solutions B2B Know your audience and prepare for the long haul. Brand Awareness Balance short-term results with long-term growth. Ecommerce Drive awareness and capture sales. Lead Generation Simplify your lead generation success. Services Google Ads Campaigns that deliver tangible results through Paid Advertising. SEO Brisbane Increase organic traffic and drive business growth. Web Design Get Read about how now

Work with a certified Google Partner.

Life is pretty simple for us. More than anything else, we want your business to succeed! When we get to help our clients celebrate their wins, that means we’ve done our job well, and that’s a feeling we can’t get enough of.

The Gordon Digital team has been building standout Google Ads campaigns for years now, and a big part of that is our participation in the Google Partners program. Google designed the Partners program for agencies like us who work with multiple clients. As part of the program, we get special access to insights, feedback, support and deals that we pass onto our clients. But being a Partner isn’t just a fancy feather in our cap, it makes us better at what we do! When you work with a Google Partner you’re choosing an agency that’s committed to the industry and staying at the forefront of what Google has to offer.

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