Team profile

Elly Smyth

  • General Manager
  • 12+ Years Experience in Sales 
  • 13+ Years Experience in Project Management

"My passion is supporting people to achieve their goals, this is both our clients and our team. Being able to provide such great outcomes for our clients while working with such a wonderful group of marketers is so rewarding to be a part of."


These days Elly lives and breathes digital marketing. That wasn’t always the case though, because Elly actually got her start in the events industry.

Before joining Gordon Digital, Elly worked extensively in events, mostly for hotels and major brands. This role took her all over Australia and eventually to the UK, where she lived and worked for several years. During that period Elly worked closely with operational and marketing teams to provide end-to-end events that helped clients achieve their goals.

Throughout her career, Elly has worked with brands of all shapes and sizes, but some of her best events were for big names like Dyson, GHD, Google, Fisher & Paykel, Mulberry and Delonghi. Bringing their marketing strategies to life was a big part of Elly’s role, and that experience has made her a perfect fit for life at Gordon Digital!

A typical day for Elly.

Elly is our General Manager. She’s in charge of day-to-day operations and the commercial side of the business. That includes every detail of staffing, client management, internal marketing, sales strategies and way more!

On the average day you can find Elly tackling a thousand different things (probably all at the same time). There’s lots of meetings and phone calls with clients and partners, but she also makes time to work closely with the rest of the team. It’s a full plate, but Elly’s events background keeps her focused, and her support has been a huge part in driving the business towards our goal of becoming one of Australia’s leading agencies.

Sitting with a client to discuss business SEO

Elly outside of Gordon Digital.

Elly has lived and worked in cities all over Australia and the UK – but she’s still a country girl on the inside. While Elly loves her metropolitan lifestyle, she’ll always be an equestrian from the southern highlands of NSW (and she has the cowboy boots to prove it).

Outside of work you can probably find our GM splitting her time between riding horses or indulging in a long lunch at a bougie Brisbane restaurant. When she’s not sampling the wine list with friends, Elly is probably working hard at pilates, taking a bushwalk or getting her hands dirty out in the garden.