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Marketing is all about building relationships with people. Customers want personal connections, and social media advertising is a great way to achieve that! The right social media strategy can reach customers all over Sydney, build relationships with them and strengthen your brand’s growth.

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Social media isn’t new. It’s been around for decades, and businesses have been using it to build their brands and drive sales since the very beginning. The real news is how big social media audiences have gotten over the past few years. We’re all connected to the internet all the time. Take out your phone and you can load up Facebook in just a few taps. It’s so accessible that scrolling social feeds now takes up about one-third of the total time Sydney residents are spending online.

For businesses, social media ads are now a must-have marketing strategy. The customers you want to reach are online, and they’re expecting to find you on platforms they already like to use. There’s good news though: social media advertising remains one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram now come loaded with heaps of features that make it easy for advertisers to get their money’s worth. You can even build ecommerce right into your campaigns, giving you the best chance of converting customers and growing your business!

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Screen time is on the up and social media uptake is at an all time high. About 80% of Aussies are reporting that they’re regularly active on at least one social platform. That’s a huge opportunity for businesses! Your customers are online, gathered on a handful of popular websites, and it’s your chance to get involved.
Research says that people are increasingly happy to meet their favourite brands online. They want the interactivity and personal relationships that come with social media. With the right strategy and some careful targeting, your
social media ads can put you in front of people who are ready to become your newest customers. The social media experts at Gordon Digital specialise in building social media campaigns that help our clients connect with customers. We use a mix of advanced audience targeting, engaging copy and beautiful creatives to create ads that deliver outstanding returns. Our social media campaigns are always built on real data. That means they’re optimised for your business, and we continue to monitor and tweak ongoing campaigns to make sure you’re seeing the best results possible!

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