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People all over Adelaide are spending more and more time hanging out on social media, and that’s great news for businesses. Social media ads offer amazing value for money. They make it simple and affordable for businesses to reach customers, build relationships and kick their goals!

Reach customers all over Adelaide with social media ads.

Marketing has changed a lot in the past decade. Businesses don’t just blast their customers with ads for products and services. That tactic simply doesn’t work. These days, audiences are advertising-savvy, and they’re looking to form real connections with the businesses and brands they like. If you’re ready to build valuable relationships with customers, then social media is a great place to start!

Social media ads are one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools available. With 96.4% Aussies between 18 and 60 using at least one social platform, now’s the best time for businesses to get involved. Paid ads on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn can help you access huge audiences all over Adelaide. And, with the right targeting, great copy and beautiful creative assets, your ads can capture interest, generate leads and boost conversions! All the major platforms have worked hard on their advertising tools. Plus, they now offer more information and greater reach. So, whether you’re looking to make a few extra sales or want to power the future of your empire, social media ads are some of the best tools around.

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Social media ads can help grow your Adelaide business.

The secret behind social media ads is the sheer popularity of social channels. Huge numbers of people log on every day, and Australians spend almost 2 hours a day just on social apps. That’s a fantastic opportunity for people who want to grow their business with digital marketing!

Social media offers up a chance like never before. Your audience is now gathered in one place where you can reach them with a well-written, well-targeted ad. Not only that, but research shows people actually want to connect with their favourite brands through social media! They want the brands they like to join in on their platforms so that they have access to your personality, people and products. The dedicated social media team at Gordon Digital can build high-performing social media ads that are tailored to your business. Our campaigns are expertly designed and continuously updated, delivering better returns and helping our clients grow their revenue and support their businesses, now and into the future.

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