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Reaching corporate clients is a challenge. They make decisions based on a totally different set of rules, and the success of your business relies on building a system that attracts new leads and keeps your name top-of-mind. Your clients power your future, so your B2B marketing strategy needs to be up to the task.

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Transforming corporate decision makers into loyal customers

It’s one thing to reach your customers as individuals, it’s something else entirely to turn corporate decision makers into customers who come back to you time and again. The products and services you offer have to survive the test of the boardroom, and that’s a much greater feat than attracting buyers off the street.

So your business needs to find corporate clients, appeal to their decision makers and the purchase needs to be easily justifiable. Those are the challenges at the heart of B2B digital marketing, and they’re the challenges the future of your business depends on. Developing your short-term sales with ads needs to be married to a long-term strategy that builds your brand and attracts repeat customers who’ll make sure the phone keeps ringing.

But none of that is simple, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes the consistent marketing effort of multiple disciplines, from SEO agency services to Google Ads management - everything needs to be focused on developing systems that attract and retain business clients for the long haul. This is where a Brisbane digital marketing agency can help you!

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Our B2B Marketing Services

Your digital marketing strategy should work as hard as you do to bring in B2B clients and give them reasons to keep coming back.

LinkedIn Advertising

Stay in front of the decision makers and corporate clients your business needs. With one of the most influential audiences in the social world, LinkedIn Ads are key to developing your brand with the customers you want to bring back time and again.


Your clients are online every day, searching for your services. Staying at the front of your customers’ minds is the best way to build a sales funnel that works hard, even on your days off. SEO can put your name on the tip of tongues at moments when decision makers are ready to convert.

Google Advertising

Get the phone ringing and keep it that way. Your lead generation campaign should capture customers at every stage of their unique buying journey, encouraging them onto your website and towards the products and services you offer.

Website Design

Your website is a snapshot of who you are, so it’s important that your website speaks direct to your business clients. A good website design helps get your brand found, gives people more of the information they want and encourages them to become loyal customers.

More, higher quality leads.

Creating demand for your products is an uphill battle, especially when you’re chasing B2B customers who need every bit of encouragement they can get. Providing something their business wants isn’t enough on its own. You’ll have to track their unique buying journey, provide the information they need to get the purchase through the boardroom and give them reasons to keep coming back for more.

At Gordon Digital, we design B2B marketing campaigns from the ground up. We work alongside you, getting involved in your business to find out who your customers are and what you can do to reach them. Covering SEO Brisbane to Melbourne services, we are here to be your partner. The more we understand your business, the better we’re able to develop strategies that track clients, encouraging them to convert and to become the loyal customers you need. 

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