Team profile

Sarah Halliday

  • SEO Account Manager
  • B.A in Arts: Marketing
  • 6+ Years Experience in Digital Marketing

"What I love about the industry I work in (SEO/Digital Marketing) is that it is ever-changing! This keeps me on my toes and always looking for the next best thing to get results for my clients."


In school, Sarah dreamed of being an Art Curator, but halfway through her degree she decided to make the shift to marketing. She was drawn in by how versatile the skills were, and she could see the opportunity to apply them to any business or industry.

Out of uni Sarah quickly jumped into the marketing industry. She started out as a jack-of-all-trades, learning every new skill you could toss at her. Sarah has a way with people too, so she was naturally drawn into client management. That came with plenty of new experiences, and it gave Sarah a chance to learn more about marketing strategy, project management and bridging the gap between marketers and clients.

In recent times Sarah landed on a specialisation that suits her particular skill set: SEO. As a marketing strategy pro, Sarah was looking for the chance to get involved in the execution of work, and moving into SEO was the perfect next step.

A typical day for Sarah.

Sarah sits in the middle of our Experience Marketing team. She manages a diverse portfolio of clients that range from small trade businesses to national companies. Her SEO skills get put to good use, and you can often find Sarah collaborating with our Performance Marketing and Projects teams to help clients hit their goals.

If you took a peek at Sarah’s average day, you’d find her digging through keywords, scraping data, optimising websites and putting in the hard yards. Her strong background in marketing strategy means Sarah is especially good at connecting each little task to the big picture, which helps clients consistently hit their goals.

Sarah outside of Gordon Digital.

When she’s not at her desk, you’ll find Sarah hanging out at the netball courts (where she roller skates, rather than playing netball).

Skating is a newish hobby for Sarah, but it gets her up and outside, and she’s super proud of all the new skills she has picked up. Beyond that, Sarah is probably out on a hike, working out at the gym, hunting for her next favourite restaurant, or baking for the people around her.