Team profile

Tynan Reeves

  • Paid Media Account Director
  • 4+ Years in Paid Media
  •  7+ Years Experience in Digital Marketing


Tynan's career began during university when he landed an internship at a booking agency in Brisbane, where he started writing and publishing content. After graduating with majors in PR and music, he moved to Melbourne and took up a role in a leading SEO Agency.

It didn’t take long before his creative side took over, where he pivoted into a Production Coordinator role - becoming an expert in content creation and social media strategy. After three years in Melbourne, Tynan returned to Brisbane where he further developed his skills in campaign management, brand strategy, paid media, and web design. These skills eventually led him to Gordon Digital, where he now excels in managing key clients and leading the Performance team.

A typical day at Gordon Digital for Ty.

In his day-to-day, Tynan focuses on data analysis, campaign strategy across various platforms like Meta Suite, Google Ads, and LinkedIn, and technical optimizations, including landing page design and asset creation.

Ty outside of Gordon Digital.

Outside of GD, Tynan shares a passion for football, music, and food. He’s a diehard Chelsea FC and is always up for a chat about football. You can even find him on TikTok and IG (@soundslikesandwiches) trying to make the perfect sandwich. He’s kept busy by his beautiful partner, Sonja, and dog, Chicco - and when he's not with them, he's probably shooting the breeze with his mates over a pint of Guinness.