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Are you struggling to get your business in front of paying customers? Without the right exposure on Google your business will struggle to be seen by your customers when they are looking. With help from Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords,  and performed by a certified partner your business will start attracting quality traffic that converts into paying customers. 

Get better results with Google Ads

It’s kind of like jumping the queue at a theme park. You’ll find yourself at the top of Google’s search page with all eyes on you. Google Ads and pay per click marketing (known also as PPC) has quickly become the most competitive but crucial element in a small businesses digital marketing strategy.

You might be asking your self if I really need Google Ads? Well the answer to that question is that if your customers are actively looking for you then yes you need to be using Google Ads. In the world we live in today where information and services are accessible so easily it is extremely important to be showing up on search engines like Google when your customers need you most and are searching for you. Without a consistent flow of leads coming into your business you are unable to grow. If your still not convinced you need to be using Google Ads, then we’ve broken down the top 5 reasons why it will become your most profitable digital marketing strategy.  

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A Google Ads campaign managed by a Google certified expert will target  and attract new and highly qualified traffic to your website. We implement a strategy that will ensure that you will show only for people who are genuinely interested in your services and are more likely to be in the stage of the buying cycle to get in touch with you. Our philosophy is that there is no point targeting people who are just browsing around on Google without intent to follow through and contact you.


Unlike a lot of traditional forms of advertising, Google Ads provides real time data that shows you clearly how many people have seen your ads, the number of people who have clicked through to visit your website and when Google Ads is connected with conversion tracking and Google Analytics you can get information from your website like the number of users that turned into a phone call or web form submission and use this data to attract more people like that using your Google Ads.


From local Brisbane based businesses who only want to target their local community of customers to national brands with locations around Australia, you can tailor the geographical targeting of your Google ads to the specific locations of your customers. Don’t waste your marketing budget targeting people who are not likely to engage with your business because they are located too far away.


Solve your customers problems in the time that they need you most with scheduling of your Google Ads. Using the tools inside the Google Ads platform your Google Ads Manager can create campaigns that are designed around the situations your customers are in.


One of the best things about using Google Ads for your business is that it only costs you money when someone clicks on your ad. This means that you only pay each time someone visits your website giving you the opportunity to turn that visitor into a paying customer. Using conversion tracking you can optimise your Google Ads campaigns to reduce the number of clicks that do not turn into customers.

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When we talk about Google Ads there is more to the platform than just the search results you are presented with on There are different networks that make up the Google Ads platform and we are going to break them down for you.

Google Search Network

Using keywords the search network allows a business to show text ads to customers when they are searching for their services. You pay per click for your chosen keywords and bid in an online auction for a place in the search results. The amount you pay per click will be determined by things such as the level of competition, how relevant your ads are to your competition and the performance of your website. 

Google Ads Search Network

Google Ads Shopping Network

Google Shopping Network

For those businesses that sell a product the Google Shopping network provides you with the opportunity to pull a list of your products from your website and upload them to Google Merchant Centre. Your product title and description will become your keywords and will trigger to show when someone is looking. The best part about Google Shopping ads is that before you pay for a visit to your website you display to your customer what your product is, what the product looks like and how much it is giving a higher likelihood that once someone clicks through to your product page that they will convert into a sale.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is made up of many websites that have partnered with Google to include display advertisements within them. Examples of these websites include directories like or newspaper websites such as

You can target where your ads are to be placed by matching your customers interests with the content of the websites within the display network.

Google Ads Display Network

Google Ads Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Have you ever left a website only to be followed around on the internet by display ads? If you are nodding your head than you have experienced what’s called remarketing. For those that have yet to be subjected to remarketing it is a piece of code that you place on your website that when people visit your website you leave a digital cookie on their browser. You can then use these cookies to follow your visitors around. You can refine your audience based on actions that your customers do or do not do on your website and create ads targeted specifically based on those actions.

Google Voice Search

A rather new way of sourcing information, Google voice search uses the power of speech recognition to search the internet. Your customers are using virtual assistants like Google Home, Siri and Alexa to ask for information and find services. Although still in its infancy, you should be considering these more conversations searches in your Google Ads strategy. ​​​​

Google Voice Search

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