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Are you struggling to grow your business? Has your phone stopped ringing? In the world we live in today, information and services are so easily accessible online, it is extremely important to be showing up on search engines like Google. With Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), you can show up right in front of your customers when they need you the most.

Jessica Gordon looking at Google Analytics

Google Ads is a fast and affordable small business marketing.

It’s kind of like jumping the queue at a theme park. You’ll find yourself at the top of Google’s search page with all eyes on you. One of the best things about using Google Ads for your small business is that it only costs you money when someone clicks on your ad. This means that you only pay each time someone visits your website, giving you the opportunity to turn that visitor into a paying customer.

With Google Ads, you can be the problem solver for your customers at the time they need you the most by scheduling your Google Ads. Using the tools inside the Google Ads platform your Google Ads Manager can create campaigns that are designed around the situations and geographic locations your customers are in.

Attract more quality leads with Google Ads.

You might be asking yourself; do I really need Google Ads? Well, the answer to that question is that if your customers are actively looking for you online, then yes, you need to be using Google Ads! Without a consistent flow of quality leads coming in, your business is unable to grow.

A Google Ads campaign managed by our Google certified experts will target and attract new, high quality traffic to your website. We use our expertise in customer intent to ensure that your ads will show only for people who are genuinely interested in your services and are more likely to be in the right stage of the buying cycle to get in touch with you. 

Google Ads campaigns should be optimised continuously.

Unlike a lot of traditional forms of advertising, Google Ads provides real time data that shows you how many people have seen your ads and the number of people who have clicked through to visit your website. We connect Google Ads with conversion tracking and Google Analytics, so youcan also find out the number of users that called you or submitted a web form after seeing your ad.

We always love to partner with our customers long term, so we can make use of all this data to attract more of the similar, highly converting customers with your Google Ads. This also stretches your dollar further!

"Gordon Digital have helped us get noticed on the web. We have increased our staff hours in 4 months to cope with extra demand."

We helped Bryan Dowse from Camira Dental get so many quality bookings for his dental practice that he had to put on more staff. We now scale his campaign up and down based on the staff capacity in his business. 

Google Ads landing page for Camira Dental

Google Ads strategy tailored to your business goals

Here at Gordon Digital, we really love to get to know your business inside and out. Before starting out, we discuss your needs and business goals with you. This is so we can tailor our ad strategy to help you reach your goals, as soon and as affordably as possible.

Our aim is to simplify your digital marketing efforts, removing complexity and freeing up your time. However, we’re passionate about transparency and having our clients involved in the process all the way. In addition to giving you a weekly report with a simple breakdown of your campaign results, your account manager is there to answer questions and make changes to your campaign according to your needs.

Affordable Google Ads management for small business

Google search has become the norm for finding local businesses and services, so if you’re not visible on Google, your customers won’t be able to find you. With the help of Google Ads managed by our experienced and Google certified team, your business will start to attract more paying customers without breaking the bank.

As a boutique digital marketing studio, we understand every dollar counts for small business. Our team specialise in making the most out of your dollar, always working with a small business budget in mind. By using conversion tracking, we optimise your Google Ads campaigns to reduce the number of clicks that don’t turn into customers.

Google Ads managed locally in Brisbane

Google Ads have quickly become the most competitive yet crucial element in small business digital marketing. As a local small business here in Brisbane, we are passionate about using digital marketing tools to the advantage of our local Australian economy. We’re not one of those marketing companies that take your money and outsource the work overseas. Far from it - we’re a bunch of local Brisbane marketing professionals who truly care about our clients!

We’re big on communication here at Gordon Digital. Our studio in Morningside, Brisbane, has an open-door policy, so you’re welcome to pop in for a coffee anytime. We’re always happy to sit down for a chat or have a phone call with you!

Some kind words from our clients.

I joined Gordon Digital after leaving another Adwords Management Company. I love the one to one attention that I got from them. My Ads started performing way better, and now I have to scale my Ads back because they generate way too many leads!
Highly recommended bunch of pros!

Hamish Oudney | JLA Drafting

Jessica and her team at Gordon Digital are absolutely the bee's knees! We are really impressed with the turnaround on our project and the level of support and professionalism received. Can't recommend highly enough and we look forward to working with the team again.

Kat | RTL Trades

We have been using Gordon Digital to do our Adwords and SEO for 1 year and are very happy with the service and results. SEO and Adwords are a critical part of our business. We had tried many companies before finding Gordon Digital. and we weren't happy with the lack of visibility or the results. I would highly recommend Gordon Digital for your SEO and Google Adwords.

Kristine Dawson | Dawson Electric

Google Ads explained. 

When we talk about Google Ads, there is more to the platform than just the search results you are shown on Google search. There are a few different networks that make up the Google Ads platform and we are going to break them down for you.

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google display
  • Remarketing
  • Voice Search

Google Search Network

The Google search network allows a business to show text ads to customers when they are searching a specific keyword on Google. With Google AdWords, you pay per click for your chosen keywords and bid in an online auction for a place in the search results. The amount you pay per click will be determined by a variety of things such as the level of competition, how relevant your ads are compared to your competition and the performance of your website.

Google Ads Search Network

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