Google AdWords Management

Are you struggling to get your business in front of paying customers? Without the right exposure on Google your business will struggle to be seen by your customers when they are looking. With help from a Google certified partner your business will attract quality traffic that will convert into paying customers. 

Why advertise on Google.

It’s kind of like jumping the queue at a theme park. You’ll find yourself at the top of Google’s search page with all eyes on you. But let’s see why it works:

Attract more customers 

A managed campaign will drive new and qualified website traffic, that will increase phone calls, foot traffic and ultimately sales.

Measurable and accountable

Real time data shows you clearly see how many people see your ads, click to visit your website, fill out a form or call you. 

Advertise locally or globally 

concentrate your efforts in the Brisbane local market or take it to the world, you can target your ads wherever you like.

Right place at the right time

Get found by people searching on Google at the time need your product or the service you offer.

Insights around the clock

You can see how your ads are performing at any time, day or night.

No click, no cost

You only pay to use Google AdWords when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, call you or buy your product. 

Why choose Gordon Digital?

  • Personalised approach to your business
  • Brisbane based office located just East of Brisbane
  • We are big on communication
  • Our management fees are affordable 
  • We are a Google Partner agency

Frequently asked questions.

Does Google AdWords really work?

How can I measure success?

How much should I invest with Google AdWords?

How long should I run an AdWords campaign for?

Where will be ads be placed?

How do you report on performance?

How do I get started?

Why business owners trust Gordon Digital.


Since turning my Google AdWords campaign on with Gordon Digital my phone has been ringing everyday. I even had to turn my campaign budget down because I couldn't keep up with the new business. 

Ohmi Electrical Testimonial

Michael Parfitt

Ohmi Electrical


Since coming on board with Gordon Digital in July we have increased online sales from an average 6 per month to 70 per month and reduced the amount you spend to get a sale from $300 to $29.10.

Lalabazaar Ecommerce Manager

Jessica Skinner



My website was getting plenty of traffic but not converting into sales. With the advice from Jessica and AdWords skills from the Gordon Digital team we are now seeing an increase of 400% in revenue.

Queensland Appliances

Robert Hall

Queensland Appliances

Here is a real AdWords success example.

  • check
     174.4% Increase in online sales from AdWords
  • check
    63.68 decrease in AdWords cost per online sale

Lalabazaar is an online clothing boutique that sells Australian label clothing both domestically and internationally. In July 2016 Gordon Digital we approached to take over their Google AdWords campaign after their previous agency left them spending more in AdWords spend than they would make each sale. Our team performed a full account restructure, which lead to a significant increase in online sales and reduction in the amount spent on Adwords to obtain a sale.

lalabazaar casestudy

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