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Have you tried Facebook Ads and they didn't work?

There are potentially 2.7 billion reasons why your Facebook Ads might have failed. The fact is, your customers are on Facebook and knowing how to strategically be in their news feed at the right time is the magic of making Facebook deliver results.  

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Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Conversations that become conversions! 

There is no doubt that your customers are on Facebook. With 2.7 Billion active monthly users on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram your customers ARE on Facebook and Instagram. There is no denying the overall power of the platform. With such a huge pool of potential customers how do you as a small business owner access the right people at the right time?

Allow us to introduce you to Facebook Ads! 



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Firstly, let’s be clear, Facebook marketing is more than just the ‘newsfeed’. Facebook ads can be placed across their main properties, which are Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. Which means that your ads can be in front of customers wherever they are hanging out. 

Working hand in hand with your ongoing marketing efforts, adding Facebook as a paid traffic source can be a powerful part of your overall marketing strategy. In contrast to Google Ads, which are super effective when people are searching for your business, Facebook is a more passive form of advertising. 

The magic is showing the right ad to the right person at the right time. With the advanced targeting options we are able to use the Facebook algorithm to serve ads to your customers and encourage them to perform the action you’re looking for.  

Professional Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is a high touch platform with constant feedback.

How do we know what is working? One of the benefits of the Facebook platform is that we can see what is working and what isn’t. At Gordon Digital, we will be able to find ads that resonate with your audience through metrics and conversions and we will very clearly be able to see what ISN’T working. Which means that we can be nimble and update and optimise your ads to help keep your acquisition cost as low as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

See some common questions and answers below regarding Facebook Ads

Do Facebook Ads work?

Yep! Like any platform, you need to understand how to leverage the tool. We have worked with frustrated business owners who have tired doing ads before, and have had limited success. 

As part of an overall strategy, at the outset, we often see a boost in web traffic from your ad’s on Facebook. Then based on your goals we use Facebook tracking when and how your clients convert and if that can be attributed to seeing a facebook ad.

How much does it cost to put an ad on Facebook?

Ad spend on Facebook depends on your goals and the campaign structure. Lead generation will depend on the value of the lead to your business and the amount that you’re willing to spend to acquire a customer. 

Where will my Ads be placed?

There are several placement options on each of the Facebook owned properties.

As we manager your campaigns we may find that there is an optimal placement to acquire your specific customer (eg your brand may do well on Instagram stories) which means that we will create targeted campaigns for that placement. Similarly, you may want certain placements to excluded.

How do Gordon Digital report on how my campaign is performing? 

We will prepare a weekly breakdown of your traffic based on your specific goals. Where you will be able to see at a glance the relevant metrics for your Facebook campaigns. 

Do Gordon Digital post on my Facebook feed?

Well, we can but that isn’t how Facebook ads work. Ads are specific and targeted to your audiences, we create them as part of your overall funnel and strategy and set them to be delivered from your Facebook Business page. Organic social media management is a different service that we do offer read more about that HERE.   

Do you put ads on Instagram?

YEP! We sure do. Instagram is one of the properties that is owned by Facebook. Depending on your traffic and your account type we may specifically target Instagram customers with separate campaigns.

How does FB ads work?

MAGIC! Lots of people will talk about the mystical algorithm and a lot of that is hidden behind walls of confidentiality agreements and developers knowledge. Safe to say, Facebook knows how to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time.

From a nuts and bolts perspective, we go about setting up and making sure that you have a Business Manager account, that your tracking is set up and recorded correctly, and then we help create compelling ad copy (the words) and creative (the images video etc). This will all be sent to you for your approval before anything goes live. We do this inline with your brand voice and tone working with you all along the way.     

Are Google ads better than Facebook ads?

Not really better, just different. Facebook and Google are two very different tools. Google has intent, people are actively looking for information about what you’re offering. Where as Facebook is about simply being in front of people. 

We like to think of Facebook as the magnet on the fridge, it’s there, you see it every day and then when you need the service BOOM there it is all along. The only difference is, you can measure and track the effectiveness of your spend with greater accuracy. 

As a whole both Google and Facebook Ads are effective in creating an omni channel marketing strategy.

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