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On-page SEO is all about improving the way search engines see your website. It’s a pillar of SEO and it’s a must-have if you want to climb the search rankings. An experienced on-page SEO agency can go behind the scenes and do all the tinkering your website needs to rank higher and reach more customers than ever.

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Search engines like Google and Bing don’t see websites the way humans do. Instead, Google uses programs called bots that crawl the web for information. When they end up on your site they look at the HTML code that powers it as well as the text that’s on the page. The information those bots collect gets stored by Google, and you show up in the search results when someone searches for something you can help with.

On-page SEO is all about optimising the way your site appears, not just to customers, but also to the bots that crawl for information. The content and code of your website has a huge impact on how well your site ranks with Google, and on-page SEO looks at those important details. The right mix of HTML code, tags, meta descriptions, readable URLs and keyword-sensitive content helps search engines understand your website, making it more likely you’ll rank highly. But there’s no magic formula for achieving this. Google doesn’t publish its search algorithm, which means it takes trial and error and more than a little bit of industry experience to build web pages that Google loves.

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Building a website that appeals to your visitors is only half the battle. If customers can’t find you through search engines then crafting a beautiful site won’t help. Instead, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a robot and design a website that can also be understood by simple programs. This process is relatively straightforward, but it’s not always easy. Google has gotten incredibly good at spotting websites that are trying to cheat the system. That means you can’t stuff your HTML full of tags bots are hoping to see, and you need to make sure the site always remains useful to your visitors.

Updating a website using on-page SEO principles is a balancing act. You need to appeal to the bots without giving up the useful content that brings customers to your page. Our SEO team has years of industry experience and they can optimise your website to capture the attention of both customers and Google. At Gordon Digital, we’ll do a full audit of your website to search for issues that are impacting your rankings and develop a plan to improve your on-page SEO. Our ongoing management and tweaking means we can keep your site up to date, even as algorithms and customer trends evolve.

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