Custom 1:1 SEO strategy Session

You might have been told you need to be doing SEO but have no clue what that is or are experiencing the overwhelm that comes with search engine optimisation. Well our custom 2 hour sessions are going to be the answer to those prayers you didn't know you were making. Let our expert SEO team give you the road map you desperately need to SEO success. 

We help to   demystify seo

We give you a plan to grow

and check in to hold you accountable

Whats in an SEO custom session?

Our SEO custom sessions actually begin before we sit down together. It starts with us sending you a questionnaire to fill out which will tell us all about your business and what you hope to achieve from the session with us. Then the magic begins and our strategist goes away and looks at how you are ticking along currently online and maps out your road map to achieving your goals online. So what does this include? 

Firstly we perform a technical audit of your website. We identify the opportunities to improve your speed and reduce its load time. We look to make sure that when Google is looking [crawling] through your website that it understands what you do so it knows when to show your website to your customers on the right Google searches. 

We then dive deep into keyword research. What are YOUR actual customers searching into Google when they are looking for what you do and we put together your keyword list.

We then audit your content and put together suggestions on where to use your new keyword list throughout your website.

And finally we are going to show you how to show the Google gods that you are an authority in your industry by presenting you with some quick back-linking opportunities. 

And then, your custom session day rolls around and its you and us at our studio with coffee [lots of coffee], and a 2 hour session where we dive deep into your SEO strategy, we explain things so that it just-makes-sense and when we are done you are going to walk away with a easy to implement road map and action plan that will see you through the next 6-12 months of SEOing.  

Following your session you will be invited into Gordon Digital's exclusive private Facebook group where we provide ongoing support to our custom sessioners and post regular SEO training to our community. This is your place to ask any post session questions because there nothing worse than getting home from your custom session and realising that “ah! I forgot to ask this question!”].

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